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Kristen Meredith: musician, singer, songwriter, artist, lover, dreamer, friend. i took the practical road in life. directly after high school i went to uc santa cruz and earned a bachelors degree in economics, then went to uc berkeley and earned a bachelors degree in civil engineering. after graduating i came back and worked in my hometown at a civil engineering firm, ultimately realizing that my creativity couldn't find a home for itself, and switched to a career in teaching after a few years in the engineering field. i have been writing songs, painting, and drawing from a very young age, but have just recently finished my first studio album, "depths of me." i'm currently focusing my public efforts on my music, but truly hope to incorporate my artwork in the future. please stay awhile, look around, and enjoy the "depths of me."

(PST) Artist Song length
2:00 kristen meredith made 02:45
2:03 kristen meredith waves 02:39
2:05 kristen meredith I wanna be 03:55
2:09 kristen meredith do you ever? 03:44
2:13 kristen meredith you 04:31