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The Parlez are Irish brothers Dermot and Neil Walsh. Based in Dublin the duo write, record, perform and produce a mix of classic pop-rock, post-punk and psychedelia. Their music brings to mind bands as diverse as The Beatles, Joy Division, MGMT and Blur.
They released their debut album Glisten in August 2012 following a long and often acrimonious process which saw the brothers each make their contribution to the album from separate studios.
Rehearsal and recording sessions invariably ended in disagreement, so the brothers worked independently throughout the creation of this album, uploading takes and arrangement ideas to each other through the internet.
Technology served as the all important buffer between the headstrong siblings which saw the album eventually come to fruition.
In September 2013, boutique vinyl label Feedbands produced a limited edition pressing of Glisten for their subscribers. The Parlez were the first band from outside the US chosen for this prestigious opportunity.

(PST) Artist Song length
2:00 The Parlez Give Up 04:12
2:04 The Parlez Suckers For Love 05:22
2:09 The Parlez Heart and Soul 05:07
2:14 The Parlez So Tired Of You 03:40
2:18 The Parlez Everyone 03:37
2:22 The Parlez Nothing But A Love Song 04:55
2:27 The Parlez Letters To Rachel 04:27
2:31 The Parlez Not Wait An Age 04:13
2:35 The Parlez Outside Of An In Joke 03:47
2:39 The Parlez Exit Wound 03:54
2:43 The Parlez Signs Of Life 06:03