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Marc Platt
About “Brand New Day”
Marc Platt has been making music in and around Los Angeles since 1980. His current CD “Brand New Day” is a contemporary folk project focusing on issues like patriotism, age-ism, the prison system, treatment of war veterans (PTSD), homelessness and other subjects close to Marc’s heart. These are not poppy love songs.
In past years Marc DID write, record and release pop and rock material in his 1980’s Power-Pop band The Real Impossibles. Produced by Peter Case Circa 1978 San Diego State Real Impossibles, 1985 The band was produced by former Plimsouls frontman Peter Case. Peter has since gone on to become a folk legend himself with many fine solo efforts.
“Brand New Day” brings it full circle for Marc, as he used to play folk music when he was in college at San Diego State University in the late 1970’s. Platt produced eight of the ten songs and Matt Kabus, a young singer-songwriter-producer produced and performed on “Best in America” and “Greatest Price.”
Don Teschner and Marc once played in a band together in 1989/90 called Stringtown. Teschner left Stringtown to join Rod Stewart’s band. He reunited with Platt to play fiddles and mandolin on the new CD after a 23-year hiatus. Kevin Laurence sang on “Best in America.” Carey Appel sang harmony on “Last Train Ride To Glory,” a song about the train that carried Bobby Kennedy back to the east coast after his assassination in 1968. “Brand New Day” is not really a departure for Marc Platt, rather it is a coming home project.

(PST) Artist Song length
2:00 Marc Platt Brand New Day 03:00
2:03 Marc Platt Nick Drake 02:36
2:06 Marc Platt The Old Man 03:12
2:09 Marc Platt No Damn Justice 03:32
2:12 Marc Platt Best In America 03:33
2:16 Marc Platt Last Train Ride To Glory 03:31
2:19 Marc Platt Nine Long Years 03:24
2:23 Marc Platt Greatest Price 03:42
2:27 Marc Platt This Way To War 03:12
2:30 Marc Platt Hard 02:09