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Trauma was an italian band, borned from the ashes of other bands (Saskatchewan and Crystal Bell) and active in Tuscany, Italy, from 1990 to 1995. In the beginning, Trauma played covers (Doors, Jimi Hendrix, Clash, Gary Moore...) and original songs in English, written by Marzio Pelù - the vocalist and guitarist - : it was the "Mark I" with Matteo Balloni on drums, Matteo Bernabucci on bass, Marco Catarinolo on keyboards and Marzio Pelù on vocals and guitars. But soon a new musician arrived: Franco Rossi, songwriter and guitarist. Marzio and Franco began to write songs togheter and the "Mark II" was born, with Franco Rossi on lead guitar, in 1992. Franco left the band after few months for a new project, but Trauma continued to play original songs in talian, written by Marzio Pelù and arranged by the band, and italian covers too (Vasco Rossi, Litfiba, Timoria). And a new lead guitarist arrived: Alberico Baldini. The final mark, the "Mark III", began. In 1993 the band won the "Montignoso Music Festival". In 1995 Trauma was selected for one of the most important music contest in Italy, "Rock Targato Italia", but the band didn't reach the final. The band broke in the beginning of 1996, but the vocalist and guitarist Marzio Pelù continued and continues to write and compose songs. The classic line up of Trauma was: Alberico Baldini (lead guitar), Matteo Balloni (drums), Matteo Bernabucci (bass), Marco Catarinolo (keyboards) and Marzio Pelù (vocals and guitar), but in the band - and in its previous versions - also played: Federico Intaglietta (guitar), Franco Rossi (guitar), Gabriel Del Sarto (bass), Matteo Barsotti (bass), Simone Ricci (bass), Salvatore Corrao (batteria), Paolo Romagnoli (vocals), Michele Balloni (vocals) and Francesco (vocals).
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(PST) Artist Song length
2:00 Trauma Chinese trip 03:24
2:04 Trauma To the other side 06:25
2:10 Trauma Moonish 03:12
2:13 Trauma Cresce la tua idea 03:14
2:16 Trauma La meta 03:58
2:20 Trauma L'attimo 03:59
2:24 Trauma Un'altra per me 06:18
2:31 Trauma La nostra magia 03:25
2:34 Trauma Rabbia 03:19
2:37 Trauma Inseguendo un sogno 04:56
2:42 Trauma Goccia dopo goccia 03:26
2:46 Trauma Un fuoco e il buio 04:19
2:50 Trauma Eutanasia 04:17