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Since 2010, producers John Morgan Reilly and Jonathan Plum have combined ominous music and shadowy songwriting to create a unique musical experience that's landed RxGF somewhere between underground dance and darkwave industrial, having freely evolved from moody downtempo and alt punk.
Various publications and blogs have noted that RxGF truly have an innovative sound, suggesting that some songs may be perfectly described as a new niche called Electro-Grunge. The current incarnation prominently features the brooding and haunting vocals of Angeline Schaaf, whose dynamic performances weave together an epic soundtrack of tribal drums and layered synths.
Reilly's concept of RxGF began as Radioactive X Girlfriend with true open-journal experiences spanning 3 full-length records pleasantly innovating and bluring the lines between Electronic, Industrial, Triphop, and Darkwave Indie. The latter description depicts their new electronic sound with
explorations into hybrid realms with their appropriately sleeker moniker, RxGF. It's not a huge surprise that their latest voyage, Any Other Way, is decidedly more electronic and sublime as they've been hinting at psychedelic and electro goth for the past 3 years. The band also went live in 2014.
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(PST) Artist Song length
2:00 RxGF Any Other Way 04:19
2:04 RxGF How To Make It 04:08
2:08 RxGF We Will Not Be Denied 03:52
2:12 RxGF Flesh And Bone 04:48
2:17 RxGF Antidote 04:43
2:22 RxGF Tombstone Soirée 04:20
2:26 RxGF Never Felt So Good 06:58
2:33 RxGF The Dying Grace of Machines 05:39
2:39 RxGF The Hit 06:06
2:45 RxGF Things That Go Bang 08:09
2:53 RxGF Kontrollier Die Kontrollierenden 05:51
2:59 RxGF Flow 03:41
3:03 RxGF Belladonna Dream (Verax Mix) 03:51