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Flemt were “virtually” born in 2006 thanks to the Kurnalcool’s twentieth anniversary.
During this event all the members who in the course of time,alterned in the band,took turns on the stage.
That was also the occasion in which Frank Lappa and Michael Trilling met again.
The two players had a short past in common in the “wine metal” group from Falconara and mainly knew each other for the long union which,in the 80’s,was called “Ixion’s Wheel.
During theprolific and restless period of the 80’s,the “Ixion’s Wheel” was one of the first heavy metal band in Marche Region (central Italy),in particular in Falconara,a smalltown of the district in which,during those years many other young band tried to emerge.
More that Frank Lapini bass and Michael Trilling guitar took part in the band Andy Silver drums and Gianluca Corinaldesi previous singer,then followed by : Maculan Leonardo and Massimiliano Borrelli.
From the testing room in “via Leopardi” (little road where,in a small building,musicians could play),the sound which came out were those of the typical heavy metal style known in those years.
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(PST) Artist Song length
2:00 Flemt Always At Your Side 04:14
2:04 Flemt Baby Come On 04:32
2:09 Flemt In My Dreams 04:49
2:14 Flemt Hot Fever 03:54
2:17 Flemt The Time Has Come 05:13
2:23 Flemt The Fight 04:06
2:27 Flemt You ll Always Be There 05:08
2:32 Flemt Dreamgirl 03:51