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Last Featured on this show August 11, 2015

The band consists of local scene personality DJ Pearlman (Gee Davey, Narcotic Gypsy, Raiana Paige) on vocals and guitar, award-winning guitarist George Kazamias (Imperious Rex, Music Magazine’s “Best New Talent”), drummer Nidal Mahmoud (Imperious Rex, Eternity Burning) and bassist Tony DiPaola. The updated lineup brings an energy to the project, both on and off stage that has really surged the band onward and upward in the run up to their upcoming release, The Reality Crush. The band is currently endorsed by: D'Addario Strings, Evans Drumheads, ProMark Drumsticks, Planet Waves, First Act and Imperial Cymbals. more...

(PST) Artist Song length
2:00 REVEL 9 San Jose 02:23
2:02 REVEL 9 Another Mistake 02:36
2:05 REVEL 9 All I ve Become 03:12
2:08 REVEL 9 Onlyone 03:06
2:11 REVEL 9 Lay My Head 02:40
2:14 REVEL 9 Without 02:51

Hi, I am J-Nor, solo artist from EU, and here's my EP of 5 songs, each in slightly different genre, hope you like some of them and play on your show :) Here's my facebook
Cheers! )
(PST) Artist Song length
2:16 J-Nor Count Me Out 05:27
2:22 J-Nor Cyan 03:48
2:26 J-Nor Evolution 05:16
2:31 J-Nor Lion 02:30
2:33 J-Nor Shake 04:24