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HellsBelles was formed in 2004 from the ashes of ‘Hell’s Belles’ which was formed by former members of Discharge in 1984 which itself later disbanded in 1987.
However, Paul Quigley kept the torch alight and has since rebranded the band as ‘HellsBelles’ (one word, without the apostrophe) and the new band is entirely new.
Re-formed, mutated and evolved, a seminal band emerged. Unique. Quirky. Different. Blending and melding disparate styles and influences into a new, unique cohesive musical powerhouse. Thus emerged, without fanfare or bluster, without hype or hysteria – one band to rule them all in the crossover period that was post-punk, post-NWOBHM, pre-grunge, pre-numetal – that sound, that energy, that force, was Hell’s Belles – now reborn, revamped and rearmed as – HellsBelles…
HellsBelles – the `original` British heavy metal band, formed in 1984 from the ashes of the cult punk hardcore thrash Discharge, led by original lead vocalist and songwriter, Paul Quigley, HellsBelles now fuses metal, classic heavy rock, progressive art rock, mixed with ethnic and acoustic folk balladry that defies categorisation.
HellsBelles is a band now firmly in a genre of its own, and it has to be heard to be believed. more...

(PST) Artist Song length
2:00 Hell's Belles Looks Like Love 05:37
2:05 Hell's Belles Overload 03:46
2:09 Hell's Belles Desire Me 04:01
2:13 Hell's Belles Screaming for Mercy 03:30
2:17 Hell's Belles Hell s Belles 04:37
2:21 Hell's Belles Strangelove 04:31
2:26 Hell's Belles Barricades 03:46
2:30 Hell's Belles Storm Break Loose 02:59
2:33 Hell's Belles Dirty Girls  04:10
2:37 Hell's Belles Wastin  Away 05:10