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Mauro Filigheddu was born in Sassari, Italy. At the present time he lives and works between Rome and the island of La Maddalena, in the archipelago located in the North of Sardinia.

He has a degree in Pharmacy and he is self-taught in paintings. His artistic style is definitely personal, emotional. It can resemble imaginary, between onyric and post-impressionist. He has exposed in many exhibitions and many work of his belong to private collections all over the world. Recently he cares more about cultural and historical facts of his land, the island of Sardinia and its background, that is so particular and different from the rest of Italy.

(PST) Artist Song length
2:00 Mauro Filigheddu Smell 03:48
2:04 Mauro Filigheddu A Story Of Glory 04:57
2:09 Mauro Filigheddu I'm Going Home 03:34
2:12 Mauro Filigheddu Playtime 03:24
2:16 Mauro Filigheddu Belong 05:15
2:21 Mauro Filigheddu Kayenna 04:04
2:25 Mauro Filigheddu Time Out 04:30
2:30 Mauro Filigheddu Music Man 03:54
2:34 Mauro Filigheddu Trieste 03:33