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Last Featured on this show August 19, 2015

The Method as a band, has been together for ten years; we are celebrating our anniversary by releasing this album. The leading members Adam and Dave have been the main members from the start, while the rest of the team joined in the last few years.
We all grew up listening to the 90's grunge music, and that has made its way into our music. Soundgarden and Pearl Jam and two of our favourite influences, however other members would cite Metallica and Big Wreck among them as well.

(PST) Artist Song length
2:00 The Method Mr. Incredulous 04:06
2:05 The Method Let the Day Pass 04:46
2:09 The Method The Truth 04:11
2:13 The Method What I See 04:07
2:18 The Method Insecurity 03:24
2:21 The Method All I Want 02:45
2:24 The Method Underneath You 04:50
2:29 The Method Hands Come Clean 04:05
2:33 The Method Choice 03:32
2:36 The Method Ever Present Dust 04:35