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Alessandro Bagagli
Singer / songwriter / musician / writer from Rome, Italy Alessandro started his musical career as Alex Baggi in 1995, with an Italian band and a rock project named "Un po' di sentimento". He says: "I wanted to be a R 'n' R star and so I bought my first guitar at 13 years, like The Byrds suggested". He thinks about his music as free and independent from any marketing or mode constrictions, writing and playing just the music he loves: hard rock, classic rock, funk rock, country rock. His musical production may be considered a little bit "versatile", for the musical genres it represents but the artist says that that is the core strength of his music, so far to be identified by just one musical style.

Album “
Magic in the Air” out May, 30 2014.
15 funky, rock, rhythmic sparkling songs and a main theme which guides the whole record, the magic of life and the strenght of sharing love: a positive, powerful music message giving a toss to frustration. A lysergic dream that shakes you to the bones.

(PST) Artist Song length
2:00 Alessandro Bagagli Magic in the Air 04:09
2:04 Alessandro Bagagli You and I 04:18
2:09 Alessandro Bagagli Living my way  04:35
2:13 Alessandro Bagagli Don t Be Afraid 04:06
2:17 Alessandro Bagagli From the Cradle to the Grave 04:24
2:22 Alessandro Bagagli So in Love (Radio Edit) 05:35
2:27 Alessandro Bagagli Come on out tonight 04:29
2:32 Alessandro Bagagli Share your Love 04:08
2:36 Alessandro Bagagli Love Spin Doctor 04:05
2:40 Alessandro Bagagli Shine a Light on the City Rock 06:33
2:47 Alessandro Bagagli Break Away 04:32
2:51 Alessandro Bagagli Desperate Women 05:06
2:56 Alessandro Bagagli Your Crazy Things 04:58