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Last Featured on this show August 29, 2015

Michael Tiffany is a lead guitarist/ composer/producer and a member of BMI and Sound Exchange and is managed by Michael Bloom/Solaris Entertainment and Media. Spanning a 30 years in music he has found his way to this point of being an accomplished guitarist and composer. He has been named Artist of The Month in the U.S. , UK and Canada at the same time. His love for music has kept the fire burning and given him the drive to accomplished many of his dreams as a musician. You can also visit his Facebook page. After being in bands for many years he has just released his first solo album Out of The Dark in 2015. With Jeff Lanzaro on vocals His music can be heard not only on U.S. radio but also in the UK and Canada with a loyal following of over 12,500 his musical rise is truly gaining momentum. Michael also has a video out for the song Wind At My Back on You Tube. cdbaby or E-mail Michael

(PST) Artist Song length
2:00 Michael Tiffany Starship 0ne 01:39
2:02 Michael Tiffany Road to Nowhere 04:06
2:06 Michael Tiffany New Delhi Sky  04:03
2:10 Michael Tiffany All To Me 04:36
2:15 Michael Tiffany Means To An End 04:20
2:19 Michael Tiffany Sand Through The Glass  03:02
2:22 Michael Tiffany Imaginary Cage 04:55
2:27 Michael Tiffany Tow The Line 04:02
2:31 Michael Tiffany The Way It Was  04:51
2:36 Michael Tiffany Keep The Dream 04:38
2:40 Michael Tiffany Wind At My Back 03:58