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rnature airliner
evolved out of an unlikely husband -and- wife collaboration. Japanese photographer Eiko (vocals) had never sung professionally before, and never dreamed of being a singer. Canadian musician Laurier (guitar) played various instruments for innumerable indie and punk bands. In the summer of 2010 they joined forces to start playing unplugged shows of Laurier's unreleased songs which suited Eiko's voice. The first single, "Merry Christmas (to Our Loved Ones)" was released November 1st, 2010, and the first EP was launched November 15th, 2010. In September of 2012, nature airliner won the "Performer of the Year" award at the Kansai Music Conference Awards 2012. In August 2013 they played the Sumida Street Jazz Festival, and in September they played the Narita World Music Fes. Laurier enjoys endorsements with Yamaha for their nylon-stringed Silent Guitars™, with Shubb for their capos, and with Vegetarian Shoes for their Airseal Para Boots. Eiko enjoys an endorsement with M.A.C cosmetics. All of nature airliner's recordings are available at all major online retailers.

(PST) Artist Song length
11:00 Nature airliner Time 03:06
11:03 Nature Airliner Seize the Day 03:08
11:06 Nature Airliner Ray of Hope 02:37
11:08 Nature Airliner Never Die 03:39