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Last Featured on this show September 5, 2015

Virginia Dupew: Flying Above the Fire..... we Fly like Embers of light watching and waiting , for a spark of light in the dark will turn every head...and all eyes will seek you out ....Walk On the light of the day in close Very Close ....... Including a re make of the song Victim THE SONG THAT BUILT AND BRIDGE ..... For all to find Thank-you VDupew Available on Bandcamp

 (PST) Artist Song length
11:00 Virginia Dupew  Victim 03:11
11:03 Virginia Dupew  What If 02:59
11:06 Virginia Dupew  Too many I's - Guitar: Jack Loague 03:56
11:10 Virginia Dupew  IDK 04:27
11:14 Virginia Dupew  So Long Blue 04:58
11:19 Virginia Dupew  Alright 02:59
11:22 Virginia Dupew In The mist  03:06
11:25 Virginia Dupew  MORN 04:21
11:29 Virginia Dupew  Victim  - Feat. Iatana the General  03:46