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Gashunters is a Dutch studio project build around composer, singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Hans Geurts (1956, Horst, The Netherlands). The music is a mix of styles, based on melodic pop/rock with proggy edges. With a recognizable, own sound Gashunters music is to be classified as 'prog pop from the lowlands'.
In the previous century, Hans played in bands like Argus, BandX and The Reverbs (keys/vocals) and performed in The Netherlands and Germany.
Until 2012 he played keys in regional blues/rock bands and local jam sessions. Hans also composed music for business, theatre and regional artists. In 2013 Hans decided to answer to his intrinsic needs and started Gashunters, in which he blends melodic pop with progressive rock, quirky twists and jazzy thingies into an addictive cocktail, exploring a variety of genres.
Twoomusic is Hans’ own label.
Between May 2013 and April 2014, Gashunters debuted with 3 albums. The trilogy got a nice review in Dutch music magazine iO Pages (#125, November 2014) and the last album, The End Of The Big Bang, was even recommended. Since 2014 five singles were released, including Shake it off.
Songs from the trilogy as well as the singles got airplay on indie and regular radio stations all over the world.

 (PST) Artist Song length
11:00 Gashunters My favourite coat 05:42
11:05 Gashunters Time just went by 03:48
11:09 Gashunters Driving Crazy 03:15
11:12 Gashunters Over a cup of coffee 03:26
11:16 Gashunters Sparkles 02:50
11:19 Gashunters You just don't know me 03:42
11:22 Gashunters Old and wise 04:52
11:27 Gashunters Little Things 02:56
11:30 Gashunters Mental Pictures 05:47
11:36 Gashunters Nobody 03:33
11:39 Gashunters The Mirror 03:06
11:42 Gashunters My friend I need you 07:26