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Last Featured on this show September 10, 2015

Darling Serpents is a collaborative workshop for musicians, songwriters, photographers, and digital artists across the globe (US, UK, Sweden, etc.). Led by Eric Peterson (formerly of Chemical Solutions and Spring Loaded). The group seeks to develop each others' work in a workshop environment. Contributing artists from other bands (eg. Evilyn Strange, A&S Rhythm, Mad Andersons, The Counterplot, Sonic State Capital, Marshall Stackz, Vanilla Wafa, The Bedlam Vault, etc.) then submit tracks to support each other's work. The result is music that nobody could've predicted, and fun times are had by all. Darling Serpents will release their second 5 song EP on 08/16/14. It will be available on iTunes & Amazon.com, and the group seeks to release further EPs at least twice annually as material continues to develop. Many thanks to our small, but powerful fan bas

(PST) Artist Song length
11:00 Darling Serpents Drop of Water (ft.Mad Andersons) 03:53
11:03 Darling Serpents Cold Company (feat.Vanilla Wafa) 04:01
11:07 Darling Serpents Release the Kraken 03:04
11:10 Darling Serpents Pavlov s Dog 04:00
11:14 Darling Serpents Intruder (feat. Tony Holmes) 04:49