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Last Featured on this show September 17, 2015

Dirty Proper melds country soul to new wave rock, creating a sound all its own, a true merging of opposites. The result of a years-long writing partnership between Natalie Aulvin (vocals) and Trey Call (guitars), Dirty Proper has earned their place as one of Nashville’s favorite indie bands thanks to their success at capturing and developing rich melodies that inspire listeners to sing along and dance. Natalie, who “sings like an angel who wears brass knuckles and pulls no punches” (Andy Ellis, theguitarshow.com), ranges from delicate to sultry, powerful to soaring, while Trey provides the musical foundation on which their music stands. John Carter Cash describes their sound as “bright and refreshing. It begs for the listener’s ear.” In May of 2013, Dirty Proper released their third collection of new songs on “Just Feel Love.” This album explores contrasts of brightness and dark, California rock and spaghetti western ballads, offering songs about change in life, love, and relationships. The album reflect the perfect merging of very different musical sensibilities, unifying sultry sounds to deep pop beats, offering music to soothe, in which to find escape, and songs to move to.

(PST) Artist Song length
11:00 Dirty Proper Just Feel Love  03:25
11:03 Dirty Proper Not Turning Back 03:04
11:06 Dirty Proper Your Freedom 03:17
11:09 Dirty Proper Change From The West  03:28
11:13 Dirty Proper I m Ready 03:40
11:16 Dirty Proper To Find A Friend 03:13