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Last Featured on this show September 26, 2015

The Marbles Jackson
An album is not just a collection of songs, it’s a journey that should take you somewhere. Another word for dark is Cimmerian, coming from a mythical people named in Homer’s Odyssey as living beyond the Oceanus, in a land of fog and darkness, at the edge of the world and the entrance to Hades.
Thus applying the adjective Cimmerian to Notes to the Dust is most apt, as it takes you to ethereal and magical places in the darkness. Veering from the very simple shadowy lullaby of the opening track, “If Symptoms Persist (Nothing Wrong With Me)” to the closing lament in “I Want Never Gets”, there is a definite pleasure to be found here in the wallowing of reflective melancholy and The Marbles Jackson do it beautifully. So welcome and enjoy the journey through this land of dusky sonic twilight. (Ola’s Kool Kitchen)

 (PST) Artist Song length
11:00 The Marbles Jackson If Symptom Persist 05:56
11:05 The Marbles Jackson Murder Mile Sunshine 05:02
11:10 The Marbles Jackson All The Best Things 04:18
11:15 The Marbles Jackson Requiem For The Have It Alls 04:48
11:20 The Marbles Jackson Nowt Will Ever Be The Same 02:00
11:22 The Marbles Jackson No More Feeling Like 04:58
11:27 The Marbles Jackson What Remains 02:40
11:29 The Marbles Jackson Running Man 04:18
11:34 The Marbles Jackson Serenity Prayer 07:12
11:41 The Marbles Jackson I Want Never Gets 03:48