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Last Featured on this show October 17, 2015

Gashunters is a Dutch project in prog pop. Pivot is songwriter/musician Hans Geurts. The music is a mix of styles, based on melodic pop/rock with proggy edges. More songs than epic tales. With a recognizable, own sound Gashunters music is to be classified as 'prog pop from the lowlands'. Twoomusic is Hans’ own label on which he has released 3 albums and 8 singles. His new full album (4th) & title track single have just been released (October 2015): “Turn Around”.

This 4th prog pop album in line is filled with another 12 Gashunters songs: a mix of styles (pop, rock, jungle, prog, ballad) and with a variety of lyrical themes. Besides the 3 singles which were released earlier this year you'll find 9 more prog pop songs on the album 'Turn around' in the tradition of the Gashunters album trilogy debut.
The complete indie production of this album was done by Twoomusic, including music, instruments and vocals by Hans Geurts and lyrics by Astrid Rhemrev.

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 (PST) Artist Song length
11:00 Gashunters The Games You Play 05:18
11:05 Gashunters Secret Garden 03:47
11:09 Gashunters Conspiracy Place 04:01
11:13 Gashunters Dreams On A Flight 04:02
11:17 Gashunters Feeding The Hunger 04:20
11:21 Gashunters Alliance 04:53
11:26 Gashunters I Wonder Why 05:11
11:31 Gashunters What's going on 03:37
11:35 Gashunters Transition 03:22
11:38 Gashunters Turn Around 03:33
11:42 Gashunters Perfection is dangerous 03:33
11:45 Gashunters Rules 05:42