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Death Dysthymia
Short Biography of Urban Swart and how Music found him
Born on 1985-07-21 the year of the dog.
As a small boy round about three, four years old. I had a love for Music in any form. It’s like it was the only thing I could understand. I remember how I sat in front of the radio and waited for a certain Roxette song to play, day after day I waited just to hear the song one more time.
I told my mom and dad at the age of four that I don’t want to be a policeman or fireman like all the normal kids. I wanted to be a singer or a priest I
I told my mom and dad at the age of four that I don’t want to be a policeman or fireman like all the normal kids. I wanted to be a singer or a priest I said.
Then at the same age, the world got a hold of me. I was raped by three guys and that changed my life for a very long time. MUSIC was the only thing I could listen to, for I did not know how to tell my mom and dad about this. It cracked me open with depression from an early age. But Music was my salvation and I could relate with artists that had the same situation. (Korn) was one of them. At the age 13 I started to make use of drugs, for I could not sleep and live with myself. So I needed to forget and my solution was drugs. I know now it was a wrong solution, "but there is a but. " If this tragedies did not happen to me. I would have never have picked up a guitar. Let me explain...
At the age 17 I was admitted in to a mental institution. I could not even write my own Christian names on the application forms, that’s how bad my memory got with all the drugs I took. I was lost in time and space and thought I had nothing to live for. They gave me heavy medication and I was like a zombie (I was like The Dead Walking). Flouting threw life. I did not like that at all, for I did not know anymore, how and when to feel or how real emotion is. I was dead inside... The second time after about 7 months I was admitted again.. Now this is where the fun starts. I went for my normal check up with my psychiatrist and she told me. Urban you need to get a hobby, something that can get your mind of this bad way of thinking. You need a safe place she said. I remember that day if it was yesterday. I did not even think about what I need to do. I knew I needed to get a guitar. I knew at that spot that this is what my soul was longing for.
Not even a month went past when I bought my first Nylon Stagg Guitar for R350. I was amazed with this... I started playing and did not know how. But from the get go. I just knew this, it was like I have done this in a past life. I then went for guitar classes for about a year. When I graduated my beginner’s course, I got my intermediate Certificate as well. My teacher said there is nothing more he can teach me, for i know Music. I just needed to search for it and I am not saying I’m the best guitarist or musician. I still got a lot to learn. But that’s the only thing I can learn and do right. The only thing that I can call my own, the only thing that can take me away from the harsh reality. It’s my drug, my alcohol, my medicine, my Soul, my Life! But that’s just how I found my guitar. My voice was a whole other story. I played for about a year and a half and always tried to sing but just a horrible voice came out. This is not how I felt inside. Not this voice I thought to myself... That December I went on vacation with my family and took one of my close friends with. We went to Struisbaai like we did every second year of my childhood. Me and my friend took our guitars and went to the beach. It was already dark and very windy. So we searched for a ditch somewhere on the beach... We got a place to sit and the stars was beautiful and it was an open sky. Everything was just in place. We played guitar for a while and then i thought to myself. I’m going to sing and not just sing, sing what’s inside and how i sound to myself inside and I’m not going to hold back. Then the amazing thing happened.. This whole new voice I never heard of came out and it was me. My friend and me amazed by what just happened... I can’t even really explain in words how it felt like to meet my voice for the first time....
Me and my friends tried to start bands with little knowledge of what its all about. But we had fun. It was more about the party that we are having when playing together. Hahahaha! We called ourselves T.U.R.T (To us remember that). Then we broke up the band but not the friendships. I and Kobus then started our own due. We called ourselves Abiosis. We started to take this music feeling seriously. Started to play at small clubs in secunda and did a few functions. After about 6, 7 months we got in an extra band mate. Johan. He was the drummer and then we changed our name to selfmoord and then realized there was already a band called selfmoord we changed it to, 13Draaie. We took this serious. We made plans to move to Pretoria and go work there and do the music career. Piet Botha from the Jackhammers was willing to help us to record a demo album for only a R1000. I loved that this was happening. I then got a job in Pretoria and told the guys are we going to do this. They responded YES. I then moved to Pretoria Centurion, moved in with my girlfriend at the time. And then the bad stuff hit the fan. They did not move or even tried. Now I’m alone in Pretoria and I really thought this was the end of my world... I took a side cutter and cut of my strings for I thought without people I can’t do Music... I was crazy sad and told myself I will not pick up my guitar again... Hahahaha!
It was not even a week that I got new strings to put on my Guitar. But then I just started to play for myself. No one else. It became a thing for me. I wanted to keep my music safe. Because it’s the only thing true to me at the time. It’s the only place I can be safe and far from the world’s reality.... Then my son was born, he changed my life in a whole way. He loves it when I play my music to him and he loves music in any form... I then got married to my boy's mother and divorced after a 7 year relationship. That again broke me up in peaces.
I went into a very dark place at that time. After that stage
Then I realized I can do this alone. The music. I started to record everything I played and my music became a reality again. My lyrics is based on emotion and the human raise, for I love humanity and then I sing about the agony as well. I’ve got my own unique style of music.. Genre still need to be named for it is something new and would Love to make Music my life.
And I’m coming and with a big bang! God Bless
Thx for Reading and your time!
Urban Swart
About the EP 'The Path of Totality':  I wanted to go little bit more commercial with this album and i think i hit it rite on the spot. Hope you enjoy

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11:00 Death Dysthymia Stare back in my Life 03:04
11:03 Death Dysthymia Run away 03:19
11:06 Death Dysthymia Crossroad devil 03:52
11:10 Death Dysthymia Lets go for a party 02:59
11:13 Death Dysthymia Relation Degree 03:32