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Last Featured on this show November 12, 2015

dead flowers
We are a Birmingham UK based band always on the look out for gigs! Band members previous bands have been BrideJustDied&The Stepford Wives. Bass player Chex also sang for Scabies&James in Damned Damned Damned for a brief period. Before that he'd also sang in Swanburger with Rat Scabies and Dave Tregunna-Sham69/Lords of the New Church. Deadflowers started life with in 2013 with Chex and guitarist Phil jamming in his spare room before drummer. First gig saw us support our friends The Members. Since then we've gigged on a regular basis. Our first e.p "Skullflowers" is free to download here, with more tunes coming for free soon!!!! Jan/Feb 2015 will see recording our debut long player with Sonny Vincent producing. More gigs and releases to come kids....

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(PST) Artist Song length
11:00 dead flowers bitter path 03:46
11:03 dead flowers run sister run 03:06
11:06 dead flowers satyr 03:24
11:10 dead flowers shotdown 44 04:59
11:15 dead flowers grieving heart 04:35