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Last Featured on this show November 15, 2015

Members: FUMIE YAGI (vocal,guitar) HIROYASU NAKAMURA  (drums, synthesizer, keyboard)
Genre: indie rock, indie pop, dream pop
Homecountry: JAPAN
1st Album LILY/式 by Lilywhoooooooooo (¥1,000 JPY) release:January 24,2015
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(PST) Artist Song length
11:00 Lilywhoooooooooo hitotsu 04:58
11:04 Lilywhoooooooooo dakedarake 05:13
11:10 Lilywhoooooooooo DRESS 01:16
11:11 Lilywhoooooooooo gomenne 05:54
11:17 Lilywhoooooooooo AUM 03:34