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Last Featured on this show November 30, 2015

- Since the late 80’s Hans is a home based indie artist. In the years before, he played in BandX, Argus and The Reverbs. Creating music is his thing, but Hans is also working as a lyricist. He's always searching for and on his way to new goals.
Always fully engaged trying to answer the question 'why'. As an individual in society, as a composer, as a musician. The term Genius is leading in hisMUSICAL life. Genius does not refer to over-intelligence, it's more a creating mind on a quest. There's even some compulsivity in the desire to create. Questions and answers, translated into songs and instrumentals. Out of the box. His music is divergent but also has recognizable characteristics:The Twoo groove :)
- Although preferences in all styles there's a favourite: the alternative and symfo/progressive way. Perhaps even more sympho than prog. All-time favourite Gentle Giant, along with Peter Gabriel and Genesis (the PG era), are on the top of the list. What's more on it: Ry Cooder, Sting,TOOL, Muse, Foo Fighters, Triggerfinger, Kate Bush, Supertramp, Los Lobos, Nick Cave, Elvis Costello, dEUS, Crusaders, Pain of Salvation, Dream Theatre, Masters of Reality, Spocks Beard, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Arctic Monkeys, Seasick Steve, Incubus, XTC,  QOSA, Jazzanova, etc.
- Besides composer/lyricist Hans plays all keys and basic instruments like drums, percussion, bass and guitar. He also does lead and backing vocals.
- Through a lot of knowledge and experience built over the years he wears several other hats. In the studio it's recording, mixing and mastering, in organizational terms he's into management, ICT, marketing and distribution.

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(PST) Artist Song length
11:00 Gashunters A true man's home 03:46
11:03 Gashunters Struck by a flash 03:54
11:07 Gashunters Does it matter anyway 06:12
11:13 Gashunters Flat line 04:12
11:18 Gashunters Try another turn 04:00
11:22 Gashunters Soldier of my bare soul 04:18
11:26 Gashunters My abyss 04:20
11:30 Gashunters Reply to my call 04:22
11:35 Gashunters In my heart 03:20
11:38 Gashunters Clouds get in your way 04:00
11:42 Gashunters So hurt 03:33
11:45 Gashunters Thicker than blood 03:56