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Tom Rhodes rises from his roots on “With or Without” There’s something about the sounds of lo-fi acoustic guitars and lap steel licks that sooth the soul. Tom Rhodes does all that and more in his latest release “With or Without”, telling us stories of truth, while keeping us calm and cool with deep, raspy vocals, organic harmonies, and raw instrumentation. Folk, Country, Americana, and Rock fans alike would enjoy this release from the San Francisco based singer/songwriter. I picture a nice, heavy pour of whiskey alongside this one, but to be sipped, taking in the complexity of the flavors, much like we should take in these songs.” -Review by Glitter Rose Tom Rhodes Some musicians spend their whole life searching for answers through their music that they never seem to find. Tom Rhodes is not that type of musician — he answers the questions that he poses in his music, giving even the darkest subjects a light at the end of the tunnel.
Tom began his songwriting career at the age of 14 in the Washington DC area by writing songs that were used by local bands made of up players twice his age. By 16, he was a full-time musician, playing shows up and down the east coast. Off and on through his late teens and early twenties he played as a session musician while writing his own music but rarely playing it live. Finally coming into his own when he moved to New York City in 2003, he was one of the leading players in the burgeoning independent music scene in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, that culminated in his lead role in the now infamous Whiskey Breath songwriter collective.
Tom has traveled and played music all across the United States and Europe. He recorded and produced his first self-titled album in 2004 and had two subsequent self-produced albums, No Apologies in 2006, and his newest release, Better Son. Each collection of songs has its own unique feel, but the common thread through all three is his strong songwriting and raw openness. In 2006, Tom moved to North Carolina where his style took on the more alt-country feel that can be heard weaving through 2011's Better Son. In 2006 No Apologies was selected by Paste Magazine as one of best independent albums of the year, and in 2008 he landed licensing deals with CBS, WGN, and a number of independent films.
Tom now lives in the Bay Area where he writes and records in his home studio. You can find his newest songs online almost as soon as they are written, giving him a sort of ongoing dialogue with his fan base around the world.

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Tom Rhodes
(PST) Song length
11:00 Cold and Deep 03:14
11:03 Heartland 04:28
11:07 With or Without 04:55
11:12 Connection of Minds 05:09
11:17 Ashley to Ash 02:57
11:20 It's Still True 04:35
11:25 Nobody's Listening 03:42
11:29 Dull Razor 03:39
11:32 Calling Out 02:45
11:35 Dying Is Easy 03:46
11:39 Moses 03:40
11:42 Bread and Roses 03:17
11:46 California 03:08