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Hello, I'm Billy and I'm the keyboard player with the band "Rocker", I play a big part in our band as I am the also the promotional Manger. The two main people in the band are myself Billy J. Rock and Chris John who is our vocalist and plays lead Guitar. Myself and Chris formed the band after leaving the rock band Executioner in which Chris played guitar and I was the manager of the band. The band Executioner was a very heavy rock band and keyboards are very difficult to fit into heavy metal and all l was producing was a few good sound effects so as a musician I realised you can't fit keyboards into a heavy metal band quite so easily, and so After leaving the band I returned a year later and enjoyed taking on the roll of becoming manager for the band. The rock band Executioner did some great concerts back in the UK and was a great live band, and should have been destined to go real far in the world of music, but like a lot of bands fall outs came within the band and myself and Chris left and formed our band "Rocker" Myself and Chris write and produce the music for "Rocker" Thank you for your time you took to read our story of how our band "Rocker" began and thank you from myself and Chris John and all the best from "Rocker"

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Rocker: Law & Order
(PST) Song length
11:00 Midnight Blue 04:31
11:04 Drive 04:16
11:08 Law and Order 03:13
11:12 Through a Rainbow 04:46
11:16 Journey 07:21
11:24 Sword of Fortune 06:06
11:30 The Lies we Shared 03:36
11:33 Black Rain 04:06
11:37 The Harvester 04:00
11:41 Working man 02:12