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Emily Ince & Deanna Christall had been members of Youth of Light Drama group for several years and always enjoyed singing. In March 2011 they had a rare opportunity to sing at a Variety Show and chose to sing Fergie’s “Big Girls Don’t Cry”. They enlisted the help of YOL’s guitarists Derrick Yapp & Ashley Howell to back them. They delivered a brilliant performance which led to other opportunities.
In June 2011 Emily & Deanna recorded video demos of Big Girls Don’t Cry and Christina Aguilera’s “Reflection” with Derrick and Ashley providing the music. The videos helped to get them booked at another Variety Show. They played 2 consecutive dates performing Big Girls, Beyonce’s “Ave Maria” and they each performed solos with Deanna choosing “Man Who Can’t be Moved” (The Script) and Emily performing “Set Fire to the Rain” (Adele). For these performances, Jonny Poole (drums) and Laura Yapp (bass) joined the 2 guitarists. In August Emily, Deanna, Laura, Ashley & Derrick performed the same songs plus “I’ll be There” (Jacksons) at the Holland on Sea Parish Fete – a slightly smaller event than V but still a gig!
During the autumn 2011 Emily and Deanna landed lead roles in a production of Sleeping Beauty and worked together on “Promise This” (Cheryl Cole) ,“Nights in White Satin” (Moody Blues) and Disney’s “Once Upon a Dream”! Emily sang “Bring Me to Life” (Evanescence), Fire Flies (Owl City), Disney’s “The Glow” and “Can’t Help Falling in Love with You” (Elvis). Deanna sang “Yellow” (Coldplay) and “Here Without You (3 Doors Down). The video of “Promise This” was made in November just before Deanna had her tonsils taken out.
As soon as Deanna was able to sing again, the girls decided that they wanted to pursue their musical ambitions and came up with the name IceChrystalls. They chose a bunch of songs they wanted to learn and made some more video recordings including “Untouched” (The Veronicas), “A Thousand Years” (Christina Perry), Can’t Help Falling in Love with You, The Man Who Can’t be Moved and “Valerie” (Amy Winehouse/Zutons). Deanna also recorded Yellow, “Broken” (Seether & Amy Lee) and “I Write Sins not Tragedies” (Panic! At the Disco). Emily recorded “Skyscraper” (Demi Lovato). Derrick & Laura provided backing on guitar and bass. Many of these recordings are now on Youtube & Reverbnation.
The three performance Sleeping Beauty Panto took place on 21st & 22nd Jan 2012. Emily was Sleeping Beauty and Deanna was the Prince. Derrick, Laura, Ashley, Jonny, Kate Kavanagh (flute & sax) and Will Smith-Daye (Keyboards) provided the music.
Since then IceChrystalls recorded more songs for their Youtube chanel including Nights in White Satin, Lego House (Ed Sheeran), Everybody's Fool & My Immortal (both by Evanescence) and remixes of Untouched and Promise This (acapella and with guitar). 11 videos are on the Youtube chanel now with 4 or 5 still to be uploaded.
In February 2012, Deanna, Emily & Derrick started writing songs of their own, Beat was the first one to be written and a live demo was finally recorded and uploaded to Youtube in July. Other originals include Darkness, Silence, Shadows, Verity, Stronger, Wonderland, Over, City Lights and One Day. Most of these have been recorded instrumentally thanks to fellow Reverb artist Big Fat Cat Ugly Bat (honest!) and should have vocals added to some during September. BFCUB has also been providing artwork for the band giving their web presence look a little more professional.
In August, IceChrystalls recruited a 2nd guitarist Callum Gutteridge. Callum had previously been in Chainless Events with Laura. Since this IceChrystalls have recorded live demos of One Day and Stronger. More songs are likely to written as the band sharpen their song writing skills and develop their style.

(PST) Artist Song length
11:00 IceChrystalls Darkness 04:03
11:04 IceChrystalls Beat 04:29
11:08 IceChrystalls Silence 05:01
11:13 IceChrystalls City Lights 04:11
11:17 IceChrystalls Shadows 04:59
11:22 IceChrystalls Stronger 03:08
11:25 IceChrystalls Verity 03:13
11:29 IceChrystalls Wonderland 04:10
11:33 Mauro Filigheddu A Story Of Glory 04:57
11:38 Trauma L'attimo 03:59
11:42 Air Crash Detectives Victimless Crime 03:47
11:45 Dan McCarthy Dream Time 02:32
11:48 Jeff Ross Autumn 03:34
11:52 Paul Christopher Only Time 03:28
11:55 The Pieces of Mind Neighbour Neighbour 03:30
11:59 Silent Stranger I'm Alive 03:23
12:02 Johnson Ramm If I Make It Across To Liverpool 03:20
12:05 The Muggs Roger. Over And Out. A 03:41
12:09 Malfunction Feel The Pain 03:38
12:13 Axle Creek Saved My Life 02:27
12:15 The Distroy American Song 03:21
12:18 Derek Close El Gato 04:02
12:22 Paul Christopher What's The Use Of Trying 03:01
12:25 Falcon Down Lick and a Promise (Explicit) 03:32
12:29 Geezers Go! Buy Me A Beer 02:57
12:32 The Harsh Blue Baby I'm Not Fine 03:37
12:36 Fabrockators Moving North 05:01
12:41 Field of Stones Straight to Hell 04:54
12:45 Jason Wells I m Not Blind 04:12
12:50 Citizen Joe Me 04:07
12:54 Jay Woodward Believe the Honest in Your Veins 03:47
12:58 Kill For Eden Beige 04:45
1:02 Paul Christopher Relax And Take It Slow 03:55
1:06 The Fisherman Are You Gonna Look My Way 03:07
1:09 HEADONS Deadons 01:21
1:11 Mad Andersons Spinning Lines 03:45
1:14 Happenstance Gone Baby Gone 02:54
1:17 Johnson Ramm Be with you 04:28
1:22 DownFall Raw 04:16
1:26 The Garage Batz Holy Spirit 04:15
1:30 Geoff Carne One on One 04:22
1:35 The Infinity Process I Won't 02:13
1:37 Paul Christopher Will The Comet Collide 03:47
1:41 McNary Lonely Tonight 03:40
1:44 Megan Landry Nose Bleeds 03:39
1:48 The Bard of Holderness If we really believe 03:09
1:51 Henry Maybury You're beautiful 03:33
1:55 Kristia Di Gregorio O Soldier 05:00