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Nikki Lorenzo
Nikki has completed her debut album that is best described as a jazz/soul/pop sound under her independent record label, Gold Records, Inc., which will be releasing in July. The first single off the album, “Work That Charm” can be found anywhere digitally (iTunes, Spotify, CD Baby, Amazon, Shazaam, etc.) along with the music video directed by Marc Cleary featuring Rj Mitte (Breaking Bad) and Tristan MacManus (Dancing With the Stars).
She continues to take lessons with Stevie Mackey and Valerie Morehouse and is currently preparing for her album release in July. Nikki recently released her 2nd single titled, “Be My Man” along with the music video with Cameron Jebo (The Silver Power Ranger). Nikki attended The James Cameron Jebo (The Silver Power Ranger). Nikki attended The James Franco Sex Scenes Master Class, being instructed by James Franco, who is amazingly talented and an inspiration for some future works, wherein she was nominated for best female performance in a short film.


(PST) Artist Song length
11:00 Nikki Lorenzo Work That Charm 02:50
11:02 Nikki Lorenzo Be My Man 03:54
11:06 Carlos Wilde My Way Home 02:47
11:09 Joel Gove Not just Coffee 02:47
11:12 STALE  Slowly 04:50
11:17 Nate Read The Empty Page 04:13
11:21 Air Crash Detectives Made in America 04:54
11:26 Citizen Joe Me 04:07
11:30 David Locklear Without You 04:08
11:34 Falcon Down Life Preserver  02:16
11:36 Hardwicke Circus Walda 04:57
11:41 Lori Nebo The Character of a Good Man 04:06
11:45 LOST GENERATION The Only Way 03:28
11:49 Paul Christopher What's The Use Of Trying 03:01
11:52 The Pieces of Mind Into The Light 05:13
11:57 The Quinch Experiment Firefly 04:21
12:01 Silent Stranger In My Heart 04:34
12:06 jointpop Simply Beautiful 03:47
12:10 Alessandro Bagagli Come on out tonight 04:29
12:14 The Boulton Brothers Band Stronger Man 05:05
12:19 Cult of the Wedge THE GIRL FROM N.A.S.A. 04:04
12:23 Angus Powell Trenches   03:44
12:27 Colin Ward How Does Your Heart Feel Now 03:25
12:31 Paul Christopher Only Time 03:28
12:34 Barley Station Never Leave 04:42
12:39 Darling Serpents Cold Company (feat. Vanilla Wafa) 04:01
12:43 Red Light Revival Sweet Lalalia 04:16
12:47 shaun tobar stained 03:17
12:50 Verde Power 03:17
12:54 World5 You and I 03:35
12:57 Andy Zovko We Miss You 05:10
1:02 the AZ Spankers Travel With Light 04:47
1:07 Dream Aria Pandora s Box 03:25
1:10 Elephants and Castles Fashanu 03:20
1:14 Paul Christopher Will The Comet Collide 03:47
1:18 Erik Smallwood Sweeter 03:52
1:21 Fatbwoi The New Apocalypse 03:43
1:25 iScat Verity 05:31
1:31 Jamie Porter Touch The Sky 04:03
1:35 Kostas Mitsas Angels Singing 04:10
1:39 Podracer Californian Boys 03:28
1:42 NARCS Coast To Coast 03:46
1:46 Nigel Brown Soldier 03:45
1:50 Pipeline Submission  03:05
1:53 Sir. O Glimmer of Hope 03:39
1:57 Tealeaf Surveillance 02:58