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VALKYRE was formed at the end of 2004 and the beginning of 2005 by Kris Scheerlinck after leaving his former band SENGIR. The band consists of different well-trained musicians coming from different styles of music but with the same common interest: melodic atmospherical metal.
VALKYRE's style can be described as a mixture from gothic-metal, classical music, folkmusic and melodic metal. Influenced by bands as Therion, In Extremo, Nightwish and Kamelot this band provides you with a nice blend of atmosphere and metal heaviness.
Only a few months after the first gigs the band decided in the autumn of 2005 to record a demo at the Excess studio in The Netherlands with Hans Pieters known from After Forever, Epica and Gorefest. This demo resulted in excellent sales worldwide and successful concerts through Benelux, France and Italy.
In September 2007 the band recorded its second demo "Consolamentum", again at the Excess studio. The demo was first released at Metal Female Voices Fest in October 2007 and was immediately sold out.
In the autumn of 2010 ,after a break of more than 2 years Valkyre is back to rock .A new line-up has been forged and new material is being written. Valkyre Mark II starts now.


AM (PST) Artist Song length
11:00 AM Valkyre Don't be Sad 07:17
11:07 AM Operation Neptune Spear NOMAD 03:39
11:10 AM Gabriel Brox Leonora-The Jericho Road 04:13
11:15 AM Graveside Breakfast Only A Gutsy Teenage Girl Can 03:31
11:18 AM Air Crash Detectives One Sonata 04:47
11:23 AM Citizen Joe Is It Over 02:21
11:25 AM David Locklear The Weekend 02:53
11:28 AM David Locklear Without You 04:08
11:32 AM Lori Nebo The Character of a Good Man 04:06
11:36 AM LOST GENERATION The Only Way 03:28
11:40 AM Nikki Lorenzo Be My Man 03:54
11:44 AM Paul Christopher What's The Use Of Trying 03:01
11:47 AM Paul Christopher Only Time 03:28
11:50 AM Paul Christopher Will The Comet Collide 03:47
11:54 AM The Pieces of Mind You Don't Love Me 04:12
11:58 AM The Quinch Experiment Firefly 04:21
12:03 PM Rayner4musiC Solace in Wings 03:10
12:06 PM Silent Stranger In My Heart 04:34
12:10 PM Alessandro Bagagli Love Spin Doctor 04:05
12:14 PM The Boulton Brothers Band Found My Home 07:20
12:22 PM Cult of the Wedge HEADS ARE ROLLING 03:30
12:25 PM Colin Ward Your Mind s a Mystery 02:51
12:28 PM Barley Station Through Damaged Doors 01:50
12:30 PM Darling Serpents Intruder (feat. Tony Holmes) 04:49
12:35 PM Verde Me too 02:44
12:37 PM World5 So sincere 03:11
12:41 PM Machines Dream Toronto Skyline 07:58
12:49 PM Podracer Runes  03:07
12:52 PM Remedy For All Useless 04:19
12:56 PM Tealeaf who am I 04:19
1:00 PM Tom Mitchell Things That I Need To Undo 05:51
1:06 PM The Van Burens Save Your Prayers 03:56
1:10 PM We Are Falcon Miss Mine 05:42
1:16 PM Wirehead Histrionics 02:38
1:19 PM A Wasted Effort See Ya Later, Baby 03:49
1:22 PM Alfred Buning Down To The Grain 03:34
1:26 PM The Crocked Monsieurs somebody s fool 03:10
1:29 PM The Dead End Drivers Without You 03:41
1:33 PM The Everglows It's Alright (For You & Me) 03:38
1:36 PM The Four Fours Count To Ten 02:28
1:39 PM In This Mode Spiral 06:30
1:45 PM Kostas Mitsas Please Stay 03:05
1:48 PM MAKS Last Thing On Your Mind 02:56
1:51 PM Sir. O Three Words 04:25
1:56 PM Shadowperimeter Monster 04:16