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Her artistic name Xika Mei comes from her nickname Mei. Her family started to call her May (like the month of May) when she was very Young, and later on all her friends and relatives were calling her May.
Mei was born in Barcelona and she has been writing, and creating songs since she can remember. When she was a child she used to write tales and poems as a way of conveying something she had inside and needed to take out. Later, she took an old guitar from her father and she started to learn to play it by  herself.
She studied a degree in languages at the university, while working very hard in different jobs to be able to pay the degree and the singing lessons she made  secretly, since Her family never supported her in her passions. While living in Italy for some months she played guitar there in different places and continued with her singing lessons.
Afterwards, in Barcelona, she studied “musical theater” and “singing” in one of best theater schools there (escuela de teatro Musical Memory), with great Catalan actors (like Óscar Mas) and singers (like Mariona Castillo.).
Also, she attended to a cinema school for making acting in front of the camera while combining it with a marketing job (to be able to apy all that) and with singing lessons.
In Barcelona, she met the well-known Miguel Manzo, a great professional in Speech Level Singing technique, who is her current vocal teacher since some years ago already.
She writes and composes her own songs as well as composing for others and collaborating in diverse projects. (she is currently a songwriter for some editorials/ labels in Spain). She’s been doing spots, short movies and participation in movies, while playing and composing music.


AM (PST) Artist Song length
11:00 AM Xica Mey BE WITHOUT YOU 03:34
11:03 AM Baznguitar Dependable Man 03:18
11:06 AM Air Crash Detectives Only This Time 04:07
11:10 AM Citizen Joe Die in My Arms 04:52
11:15 AM Damen Samuel Where do we go 02:29
11:18 AM David Locklear Without You 04:08
11:22 AM David Locklear The Weekend 02:53
11:25 AM Lori Nebo Standing Stronger 04:01
11:29 AM LOST GENERATION The Only Way 03:28
11:32 AM Nikki Lorenzo Work That Charm 02:50
11:35 AM Paul Christopher What's The Use Of Trying 03:01
11:38 AM Paul Christopher Only Time 03:28
11:42 AM Paul Christopher Will The Comet Collide 03:47
11:45 AM The Pieces of Mind Neighbour Neighbour 03:30
11:49 AM The Quinch Experiment Firefly 04:21
11:53 AM Rayner4musiC Soldier 02:39
11:56 AM Silent Stranger I'm Alive 03:23
11:59 AM Alessandro Bagagli Shine a Light on the City Rock 06:33
12:06 PM The Boulton Brothers Band Boultana 06:54
12:13 PM Cult of the Wedge Super Duper Sunshine Man 03:53
12:17 PM Colin Ward Oh, Appalachia 03:46
12:20 PM Verde Direction 03:36
12:24 PM World5 Bring your heart home 03:24
12:27 PM Machines Dream London By Night 04:51
12:32 PM Podracer Vulpes  03:00
12:35 PM Remedy For All M.A.T.H. 03:56
12:39 PM Mark Glazier With Me 02:05
12:41 PM Shadowperimeter Comedown 04:26
12:46 PM Spaceship Days December  03:32
12:49 PM The Spase The shooting star 04:53
12:54 PM The Spins Never Let It Go   03:24
12:58 PM Steve Minotti Lightning Struck 03:35
1:01 PM Street Threat Alive 03:37
1:05 PM Tealeaf I dont care 02:57
1:08 PM Tom Mitchell Fingers 03:02
1:11 PM The Updraft Imperative One Life 03:38
1:14 PM We Are Falcon Too Tired 02:48
1:17 PM Albert Bevia I'll Make A Wish 03:33
1:21 PM Amelia Scalie Bottom Of The Ocean 03:35
1:24 PM Black Powder County Blackberry Wine 05:17
1:30 PM Brian Duckworth Mammas Don t Let Your Babies 03:01
1:33 PM Carlos Candido Angels 04:10
1:37 PM The Crocked Monsieurs Home Sweet Home 03:13
1:40 PM The Everglows Sugary Sun 02:34
1:43 PM Ian Lawton no crying time again 04:38
1:47 PM Jaq Gallier Revolutions 04:24
1:52 PM Kostas Mitsas Lonely Heart 05:13
1:57 PM The Leavelles Dear Annabel 03:14