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Nick O'Demian
From servant to stage
Nick O'Demian believes in the idea of being one to serve, not be served, although who can turn down a little service once in a while? Embracing modernity while resisting the ever-increasing sponsored forays into our personal lives, O'Demian is a musician for the modern age. With eyes, heart and soul set upon interpreting the past, present, and future he rejects the ongoing loss of personal liberty and freedom and searches for truthful answers to age-old problems. O'Demian is thoughtful and pragmatic, yet totally unpredictable all the same. He's like your favorite wingman; dependable and trustworthy with a penchant for going wild while still keeping even-keeled enough to perhaps make it to church on a Sunday morning. His music is a blend of various musical genres, with an emphasis on rock, metal, blues, and jazz. Spend some time with Nick O'Demian and you'll know for sure that everything is gonna be just fine.


(PST) Artist Song length
11:00 Nick O'Demian The Hype 03:28
11:03 Nick O'Demian Told You Thrice 02:43
11:06 Remedy For All WIngs 04:43
11:10 A&L Onto The next Heart 03:07
11:14 Air Crash Detectives Only This Time 04:07
11:18 David Locklear The Weekend 02:53
11:21 David Locklear Without You 04:08
11:25 LOST GENERATION I Don't Have To Die For You 03:36
11:28 LOST GENERATION The Only Way 03:28
11:32 Nikki Lorenzo Work That Charm 02:50
11:35 Paul Christopher Only Time 03:28
11:38 Paul Christopher Relax And Take It Slow 03:55
11:42 Paul Christopher What's The Use Of Trying 03:01
11:45 The Pieces of Mind You Don't Love Me 04:12
11:49 REBELMANN Up All Night 04:50
11:54 T Dawn It Cuts Like A Knife 04:03
11:58 Phillip Foxley Promises - Piano instrumental 03:15
12:01 House of Not Key of G 06:51
12:08 Michelle Qureshi Fireflies at Dusk 04:46
12:13 Jim Amstrong 12 BAR BLUES 03:47
12:17 J-Nor Shake 04:24
12:21 Bedrokk Money or Time 03:26
12:25 Oslo Iversen Haven Autocue 02:20
12:27 SECTIONED Don't knock me 02:44
12:30 Mike Grosshandler Nothing Much 03:32
12:33 The Forty Nineteens Modern Romance  02:37
12:36 Gregory Boyce On My Mind 03:43
12:39 Héllena Dream Big 04:02
12:43 iScat Angel 04:51
12:48 Klifford Barkus My Love To Keep 02:59
12:51 Michael Tiffany Imaginary Cage 04:55
12:56 The Phantoms Stop 04:28
1:01 Rick Rowan Desert Sunrise 02:29
1:03 Sammy Crawford New York Minute 02:27
1:06 Shane Rollo MOVIN  03:35
1:09 Simon Stirling  Acorn  03:03
1:12 The Spiral Room Cry Like A Baby 04:39
1:17 Ted J. Reed When the Church Bells Ring 02:36
1:20 XmafaX marraquexe 03:01
1:23 XmafaX skies are falling 03:49
1:26 Bankrupt The Legend Of Lee Marvin 03:12
1:30 Brooklyn Pets Mega Idiot 03:53
1:33 Cab Dryver Cry on Mine 02:53
1:36 David Locklear Cant promise anything 03:52
1:40 DestinyB of CYU I think I 03:41
1:44 Dukes of New York On Our Way To L.A. 02:20
1:46 Elephant Memoirs Hercules 03:00
1:49 The Harsh Blue Vegas 03:42
1:53 The Forty Nineteens Have a Good Time 02:41
1:56 Jamie Bosanko Seasons 04:26