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Born Jermaine Sheldon Harvey on April 18th, 1975 in a little country district called Mount Pleasant in the beautiful parish of Portland; he was born with a great passion for music. Webley used to make sound systems out of mud (clay) and old radio parts before he could even walk. He used to mimic musicians even before he could properly form his words. He was a very popular baby and toddler, entertaining folks in the district with his dancing, singing and “instrument playing”.
Webley found fame at Titchfield High school as a rapper and a hip-hop/pop dancer. He represented his parish and high school in the Jamaica Festival, where he achieved two gold medals for dancing. However, singing and songwriting were his first love so he did not pursue dancing to any great extent; he decided to concentrate on his music career instead. He was influenced by artistes such as Donnie Hathaway, Stevie Wonder, Dennis Brown and Beres Hammond, among others.
After high school in 1992 he migrated to Barbados to live with his uncle (Gary Riley) in search of a better life. His uncle had a sound system called ‘Virgo International’ which he used to play at parties, dances and every happening event. While setting up the sound system, Webley and his uncle would warm up by listening to a song, flipping it over and singing on the riddim (version). One evening while setting up, Webley said: “I was singing on a riddim and my uncle asked, ‘Yuh get new tunes?’ I stopped singing and answered then he said, ‘A yuh did a sing?, Yuh wicked man!’ Recognizing his potential, his uncle began to encourage and guide him. Webley recorded his first song entitled ‘African Princess’, which was written by his uncle, on a compilation album entitled ‘Backyard Riddims’, produced by John Roett and Mickey Hulsmier. He later wrote and recorded his second song entitled ‘Genie’, which was a big hit in Barbados, on another compilation album entitled ‘Baje Roots’, produced by Bajan producers Deepu Panjwani and Skule Bwoy. Webley has performed at some of the biggest events in Jamaica and Barbados such as Jamaica International Reggae Day, Jamaica Festival Road Shows, Jamaica Hylton Hotel and more. He has performed on stage with acts such as Rupert (Rupee) Clarke, Spragga Benz, Cocoa Tea, Peter Ramm, Bounty Killer, just to name a few.
Webley came back to Jamaica in 1997 determined to continue pursuing his musical career where he met producers Jelanie Thompson and Richard Small who recorded his first single entitled ‘Tell Me…’ which brought him onto the reggae lovers rock scene.


(PST) Artist Song length
11:00 WEBLEY by the crossing 04:18
11:04 WEBLEY Once Upon A Time 02:45
11:07 Operation Neptune Spear Empty Streets 04:34
11:11 Air Crash Detectives Victimless Crime 03:47
11:15 The Crocked Monsieurs somebody s fool 03:10
11:18 David Locklear The Weekend 02:53
11:21 David Locklear Without You 04:08
11:25 LOST GENERATION I Don't Have To Die For You 03:36
11:29 LOST GENERATION The Only Way 03:28
11:32 Paul Christopher Lying Low 03:42
11:36 Paul Christopher Only Time 03:28
11:39 Paul Christopher Relax And Take It Slow 03:55
11:43 Paul Christopher What's The Use Of Trying 03:01
11:46 The Pieces of Mind I Need Someone 04:02
11:50 REBELMANN Up All Night 04:50
11:55 Ruby Delby Independently Blue 02:43
11:58 Sean Faust I Find It Easy 04:30
12:02 Silent Stranger Make Way For the Ladies 04:58
12:07 Sounds From Wednesday Melody at Night 04:12
12:12 T Dawn Highest Light 05:10
12:17 Kiyomi My Place 03:48
12:20 Oslo Iversen Staplehurst 02:40
12:23 Mike Grosshandler Drive Me 04:01
12:27 Michael Tiffany Wind At My Back 03:58
12:31 Phillip Foxley Indian Summer (Instrumental) 03:13
12:34 The Silent Union Hurricane 04:22
12:39 Dirty Proper Change From The West  03:28
12:42 EJK Fear Of Breath 04:16
12:46 Dirty Mind Detroit Cause I Love You Live 05:41
12:52 Jay Woodward Mandolina 02:34
12:55 Lilywhoooooooooo dakedarake 05:13
1:00 Stuart Mitchell / Neil Warden Alhambra 05:38
1:06 Field of Stones Backwoods 06:22
1:12 Geezers Go! Undertaker (Backsliders) 03:27
1:15 The Harsh Blue Every Time I Fall Asleep 03:08
1:18 Harvest Mill Get Some 03:29
1:22 Jake O Neal There There 03:53
1:26 Jason Wells Blue River 04:14
1:30 Jay Woodward Garden in the Sun 03:19
1:33 Jim Amstrong soldierboy 04:36
1:38 Larkins Good Old Fashioned Love 04:18
1:42 Lucks Lane Running For My Life 04:30
1:47 Michael Lucking As She Grows 04:09
1:51 The Muggs Lightning Cries 04:51
1:56 Sean Magwire Sun Goes Cold   03:47