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Sengir was a Belgian gothic metal band from Aalst, East Flanders. Singer Ellen Schutyser played a key role in the band.
In 2003 Sengir debuted with her first album, Guilty Water. Sengir was already several years in the Belgian metal scene and had already recorded the demo Autumn Tears. The debut Guilty Water was recorded and produced by Xavier Carion, who has offered his services for the Belgian thrash metal band Channel Zero earlier. The Belgian press was critical of the debut and blamed the band play. No metal.
Before the sequel album Sign Of Devotion published in 2006, the band undergoes a change occupation. The second album is more structured, and the reactions of the press are milder. Sengir makes to Sign Of Devotion using both piano and keyboards, a solid guitar sound and put the vocals in the foreground. Thematically Sengir can be a misfit named in comparison to other similar gothic metal bands like Evanescence, Within Temptation, Lacuna Coil and Nightwish. Where these bands in their lyrics and themes rather quickly resort to fantasy elements are Sengir her texts-especially in the second album- rather commonplace. The emotions and experiences that Sengir and its members experience, form the thread through the music.
The influences that the band members are diverse: Tori Amos, Madonna, Depeche Mode, Paradise Lost, HIM, Anathema, Lacrimosa, Lacuna Coil, Rammstein, The Vision Bleak, Elis, Within Temptation, Sisters of Mercy, Autumn, Korn, Pantera, Soundgarden and Tool. ovember 9, 2007 was the last concert of Sengir.Kris Scheerlinck, one of the founders of Sengir has founded Belgian band Valkyre.


(PST) Artist Song
11:00 Sengir Guilty Water
11:07 Mauro Filigheddu Playtime
11:11 Mauro Filigheddu Trieste
11:14 The Crocked Monsieurs somebody s fool
11:17 David Locklear The Weekend
11:20 David Locklear Without You
11:24 LOST GENERATION I Don't Have To Die For You
11:28 LOST GENERATION The Only Way
11:31 Paul Christopher Lying Low
11:35 Paul Christopher Only Time
11:39 Paul Christopher Relax And Take It Slow
11:43 Paul Christopher What's The Use Of Trying
11:46 The Pieces of Mind You Don't Love Me
11:53 Ruby Delby Independently Blue
11:56 Silent Stranger Make Way For the Ladies
12:01 Sounds From Wednesday Grey Rain
12:04 T Dawn Upside Down Helter Skelter
12:10 Kiyomi Why
12:13 Michael Tiffany New Delhi Sky 
12:17 Phillip Foxley I Don't Fit In! (Instrumental)
12:20 EJK Sad Sad News
12:25 Stuart Mitchell / Neil Warden Transformation to a Butterfly
12:31 Sonic State Capital Forever
12:36 Infinitus Mortus Transcendence of Souls
12:42 The Sorentinos The Little Bit Of Soul
12:45 Tim Snider My Whole Heart
12:49 The Twin End Of Little Marie
12:56 The Bard of Holderness If we really believe
1:00 David Clavijo Fragile World
1:05 Falcon Down Lick and a Promise (Explicit)
1:08 The Fisherman Are You Gonna Look My Way
1:12 Gashunters Driving Crazy
1:15 Geezers Go! Buy Me A Beer
1:18 HEADONS Deadons
1:19 Henry Maybury You're beautiful
1:23 IceChrystalls Beat
1:27 Jason Wells I m Not Blind
1:31 Jay Woodward Believe the Honest in Your Veins
1:35 Jaylis Precious as the Diamonds
1:39 Kristia Di Gregorio O Soldier
1:44 Mauro Filigheddu A Story Of Glory
1:49 McNary Lonely Tonight
1:52 Megan Landry Nose Bleeds
1:56 The Muggs Roger. Over And Out. A