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Todd Sparks From the bayou to the beach, the country to the concrete, Todd Sparks provides your summer soundtrack!
Bio’s Are Boring! Most are self-congratulatory pats-on-the back of accomplishments that if you’re famous, everybody already knows and if you’re not, nobody cares! The only importance of where we were, is usually the fact that it defines where we will go.
I’ll use this space for that theme!
In The Beginning:
Family! My family! Some of the funniest people in the world! And great singers (some not so great singers, but it didn’t stop them – which means none of my people are bashful)! I grew up with laughter and music! My Dad could dead-pan a joke as well as anybody! Second was my Uncle Sam! Funny guys! My maternal Grandmother played the piano and sang to me when I was a kid and to this day I’ve never heard a better rendition of “St. Louis Blues”. Her brother, my great-uncle, Lynn Mullinax was a celebrated pianist in Manhattan for years. All my cousins on my Dad’s side had great voices! And dance, man we had great dancers! My brother and sister could have been pros! My favorite photograph is my Mom and Dad dancing in my Grandmother’s house while she plays the piano! My home has always had music and laughter. Even during the bad times, we laughed! We sang! So, I get it naturally!
That’s where this story begins! -
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(PST) Artist Song length
11:00 Todd Sparks Party In Paradise 02:28
11:02 Mike Sands  Unsaid  05:02
11:07 PanMad Projects 02:56
11:10 Paul Christopher Lying Low 03:42
11:14 Paul Christopher Only Time 03:28
11:17 Paul Christopher Relax And Take It Slow 03:55
11:21 Paul Christopher What's The Use Of Trying 03:01
11:24 Paul Christopher Will The Comet Collide 03:47
11:28 The Pieces of Mind I Wish You Would 02:52
11:31 Silent Stranger Make Way For the Ladies 04:58
11:36 Sounds From Wednesday The D.A. 04:15
11:40 T Dawn Upside Down Helter Skelter 05:22
11:45 Wild Horse Do It Your Way 03:09
11:48 Ola Lofven A Safe Bet 05:08
11:54 The Sorentinos Bayshore Baptist Church 03:19
11:57 Derek King The Price of Coal 04:18
12:01 Dan McCarthy After the Rain 02:26
12:04 Sasser Rhyme & Reason 03:16
12:07 Alessandro Bagagli Twisted 03:32
12:10 The Saw Complicated 04:49
12:15 Malfunction Nuclear Warfare 03:00
12:18 Flemt The Time Has Come 05:13
12:23 John Shepherdson Acoustic Lament 03:44
12:27 Mike Peralta See You Again   03:18
12:30 The Quinch Experiment Squaring The Circle 03:58
12:34 Rock Lane Blythe slipping away 03:57
12:38 RxGF How To Make It 04:08
12:43 Serena Matthews Rain Song 02:18
12:45 Shaun C Bryant Goodbye Rose 04:20
12:49 Simon Stirling  Stand Close 03:21
12:53 Sterling Fox Freak Caroline 05:40
12:58 The Sweetwater Hillbillies I'm An Outlaw 03:33
1:02 Ted Mason Deep In Your Jungle 03:50
1:06 Trauma To the other side 06:25
1:12 The Weird and The Wonderful Moment Of Glee 03:17
1:15 World5 I Promise You 03:23
1:19 Active Heed THE WAR OF TEMPOS 04:00
1:23 Axle Creek Figure It Out 02:31
1:25 Booker Creed Live For Today 03:24
1:29 Booker Creed Sweet Revenge 03:33
1:32 Davi Rumor Is 04:19
1:36 Dennis McCalmont One Day In Spring 03:06
1:40 Exzavier Whitley Drifting Away 02:39
1:42 FULL TILT Light s Out 03:01
1:45 JD Nash Remember November 04:31
1:50 Jeff Bordoloi Last Kiss 04:42
1:54 John Shepherdson The Endless March 05:34