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 Last Featured on this show August 1, 2015

TOM RHODES When you strip away the fluff of pop, throw out the country flair, remove the cynicism of alternative, and turn up the beauty of americana, you begin to have an idea of where Tom’s music falls. Tom Rhodes plays real, honest music that dives down to the heart of the matter and holds you there until you realize it’s where we all belong. With his latest release, “With or Without” (2014), Tom has moved his music further back on the dial and created a warm place for his raspy road worn voice and deceptively simple guitar.
Since his first self titled solo release in 2004, Tom has put out three more albums – each with a sound of its own. “No Apologies” (2006) moves from rock to reggae to country within 15 songs. “Better Son” (2011) planted footing in the Alt-Country/Folk scene, gaining nods as one of the top 20 albums of 2011 (AMDWHH) and Top 5 Country albums ( With his latest release, there is another turn: bringing in big vocal harmonies and an amazing backing band.
Originally from Houston, Texas, Tom grew up mostly in the DC area playing in bars and clubs at 16. He moved to New York City in late 2003 where he came into his own as a solo artist and songwriter, releasing two albums there. In 2006, he moved to Wilmington, NC where he worked on writing and getting his songs published on Network TV, Cable, and independent movies. In 2011, he and his wife and dog Barkley sold almost everything that they owned and packed up to move out to San Francisco, CA where they now reside.
Tom continues to play shows all over the United States and Europe with his new band, looking for new audiences to help spread his music and loves making new friends along the way. With hundreds of unreleased songs, and thousands of stories still waiting to be told, there will be years of content to come from this life-long troubadour.

(PST) Artist Song length
11:00 Tom Rhodes Fist Full Of Dollars 03:35
11:03 Tarah Who? Worst To Come 02:52
11:06 Tarah Who? Rainy Day 04:19
11:10 AirCrash Detectives Sweet Christine 04:04
11:14 Carlos Wilde My Way Home 02:47
11:21 John Cubbin Leaving you 04:22
11:25 PanMad Projects 02:56
11:28 Paul Christopher Only Time 03:28
11:32 Paul Christopher Relax And Take It Slow 03:55
11:36 Paul Christopher What's The Use Of Trying 03:01
11:39 Paul Christopher Will The Comet Collide 03:47
11:43 The Pieces of Mind Into The Light 05:13
11:48 Richard Gilbert I Would Go 05:23
11:53 Riff Reign Last Night 04:16
11:57 Silent Stranger Make Way For the Ladies 04:58
12:02 T Dawn Synchronize 04:39
12:07 Kostas Mitsas Please Stay 03:05
12:10 Joanna Weston Say So 04:17
12:14 The Boulton Brothers Band Reprise 04:14
12:19 Colours of Life Thoughts 05:17
12:24 Typeface We Might Fall Asleep 04:03
12:28 Andy Zovko I'm Looking For You 03:50
12:32 Bedrokk Angels or Demons 02:31
12:34 Bubble Gum Orchestra ELO FOREVER 03:58
12:38 Citizen Joe Stir Me Up 04:25
12:43 Four Nights Gone  Broken Wings 04:01
12:47 Frank Palangi Driving These Lines 03:08
12:50 French Leave Lover For The Weekend 02:50
12:53 Hell s Belles Scars  05:15
12:58 House of Not A Beautiful Lie 02:19
1:00 Jim Amstrong COLD COLD HEART 03:23
1:04 J-Nor Count Me Out 05:27
1:09 La Casa al Mare I Don't Want To 02:56
1:12 Le Poisson Broken Wings 04:03
1:16 The Mars Patrol Young Lovers 03:22
1:19 Martin Krog Red Light 03:38
1:23 Mauro Filigheddu Time Out 04:30
1:28 Michelle Qureshi Lonely Planet 03:03
1:31 Sista Jean and CB Easy Rider 06:32
1:37 Modern Alarms Voodoo Dancin Monkey Man   03:52
1:41 parker BOMBSHELL Dust 05:26
1:46 Pipeline Out Of Mind 02:28
1:49 REVEL 9 Without 02:51
1:52 The Rose Island Band Back Home 04:21
1:56 Shane Rollo Please Baby Please 04:11