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 Last Featured on this show September 4, 2015

My idea is to experiment creatively using imagery as lyrics to relate my view of what runs through my head, mind and heart. Fusion is the game; good music is the target. Reformation and enlightenment is my utmost goal to set a captive soul free through song of love, life and light.
Cuebitze is an emerging enigma in the genre of R&B/Soul/Alternative music. A multi-talented singer/songwriter with a sensual irresistible voice and style, developed through some years of consistency and adept experience due to his passionate love for music.
Born and raised in the slummy parts of Lagos- Nigeria, his deep love for the colors, photography, poetry and most importantly music, lead him into a sole soul search for that which he is truly passionate about.
He is an eclectic music lover with a knack for good music ranging from vocal jazz, easy listening, rhythm and blues, soul to mention but a few. His rare and unique intuit for music has also lead him into a listening exploration of music from Asian (Arabian, Indian and Chinese) and South America and the West Indies Indirectly and unknowingly to him, his early childhood years that has to do with music was highly influenced by his parents. His father who is an ardent lover and collector of good music with his collections ranging from classical to salsa, and mother who is a local or traditional group dancer/singer, whom Cuebitze followed to her dance rehearsal times without number.
Although today he has emerged with a unique song/vocal style, his major influences were Luther Vandross, Aaron Neville, Ella Fitzgerald and George Michael. A rare combination which defines why his style and rendition still puzzles so many people today.
Having studied Fine and Applied Arts in two acknowledged institutes of higher learning in Nigeria, Cuebitze because of his deep and strong passion for music, was driven into working with a music production studio where he was involved in a fair amount of vocal and songwriting sessions, working with various artistes and producers.
His first real and major encounter with music besides daddy’s turntable harmonies, bathroom melodies and midnight dreams lullabies, was his been called to join an a cappella group in his school called Divine Roses. This group without doubt again had another impact on Cuebitze, exposing him to another music world entirely where everything is simply made with the vocals, thereby helping him to define his vocal style and also his listening accuracy. After school he joined yet another group of singers, A2J and was later called to join a second a cappella group called PSALMIST after the former split. He has also been actively involved in developing choirs and music groups which himself have headed some and this with time has helped improve and refine his musical prowess.
Presently a practicing graphic designer, music producer/songwriter and author, he prepares gracefully and steadfastly to change lives for better using whatever he has as a tool but most especially, music.
Today this young, passionate and soulful personality- Cuebitze, is about to set the world on its feet not just with music but with his lyrics bearing messages of hope, love, peace, and comfort through his songs.

(PST) Artist Song length
11:19 Cuebitze Acts & Deeds 03:56
11:22 New Nobility Asian Girl 03:36
11:26 Softcore Suicide Bleed Until You're Dead 03:47
11:30 AirCrash Detectives Magnets 03:41
11:34 Bang Bang Rouge Hermetica 03:57
11:37 Blue Drew Been Through Too Damn Much 04:18
11:42 Gail Everett The Glory 04:00
11:46 NICK DUANE RAIN 04:58
11:51 PanMad En-hate 04:24
11:55 Paul Christopher Will The Comet Collide 03:47
11:59 Paul Christopher What's The Use Of Trying 03:01
12:02 Paul Christopher Only Time 03:28
12:05 The Pieces of Mind Walking In The Shadow Of Today 04:47
12:10 Riff Reign She's Nice 03:47
12:14 Silent Stranger Something About a Dream 04:29
12:18 T Dawn Highest Light 04:47
12:23 Tom Rhodes Dying Is Easy 03:46
12:27 Makar After Autumn 03:57
12:31 Joanne Leblanc You Can Have My Husband 03:32
12:34 Folkwood The Entering Sun 06:09
12:41 Jason Wells It May Be Raining 04:56
12:46 Valerie Ghent Love Enough For A Lifetime   06:08
12:52 Jay Woodward Little Bird 03:18
12:55 AirCrash Detectives Let Me Be Myself 04:44
1:00 The Fisherman From The Bottom Of My Grave 02:51
1:03 Loosehounds Not giving up 03:18
1:06 Monkh Don't Give In 03:59
1:10 The Boulton Brothers Band Higher Love 05:16
1:15 The Broux Samye Ling 03:49
1:19 We Are Falcon Too Tired 02:48
1:22 Peyton Reign Brighter Days 03:00
1:25 Sammy Crawford Kiss Me (On The Subway) 03:42
1:28 Lefty Willams Band Let It Roll On 03:28
1:32 The Saw Roseanne 05:09
1:37 Lele Crazy 03:22
1:40 Searching For Donkeys Festival Tune 03:36
1:44 iScat File Under Water 04:27
1:48 Virginia Dupew  Victim 03:11
1:52 Well-Known Strangers Aligned 04:02
1:56 DestinyB of CYU IF I FALL 03:05
1:59 Malfunction He's Falling Apart 04:12
2:03 Exzavier Whitley Spilled Your Life 01:56
2:05 Tealeaf ft Ani Mosity Remember the Past 04:48
2:10 Rob Vance Flicker 03:50
2:14 Rock Lane Blythe Serious Situation 03:45
2:17 Mike Sands  Wander No More  03:32
2:21 Sounds From Wednesday Melody at Night 04:12
2:25 Trauma The price to pay 03:46
2:29 Rick Rowan When You Smile 02:21
2:31 The Project Ravensbruck 03:07
2:34 SCAR Yesterday is Over 04:55
2:39 Ted Mason Another Day Another Year 04:03
2:43 Twin Oaks Liars and Thieves 03:31
2:47 Death To Indie Round 2 03:02
2:50 Andy Zovko A Worried Mind 02:36
2:52 Baznguitar Pessimistic You 02:54
2:55 BIG TOOTH The Hate Blues 03:55
2:59 Back Talk Boy Who Lived 03:14
3:02 The Saw Make Me An Offer 03:59
3:06 The Way Out Deep End 03:19
3:10 Disappearer Forget Me Pills 04:43
3:14 Mayhem Mary You blew it 04:12
3:19 james bloxham By your side 04:21
3:23 DestinyB of CYU I Am Broken   03:22
3:26 The Long Lost Dreamers Little Things Make Me Happy 04:27
3:31 Malfunction Looking For You 04:18
3:35 Karena K Midnight Walk 03:12
3:38 VAN SUSANS Served Cold 04:22
3:43 Mike Sands  Unsaid  05:02
3:48 Alessandro Bagagli If You were Blind 03:50
3:52 Brian Duckworth Like A Sad Song 03:50
3:55 Cornelious Horn Going Blind 03:51