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 Last Featured on this show September 11, 2015

Straight out of Wasilla, Alaska, the Vicious Mammals are a band that has been taking listeners by surprise with their brand of go-for-the-throat rock n' roll. Prior to establishing themselves as members of the Anchorage-area punk scene in 2014, the Mammals crew individually cut their teeth in various noteworthy, notorious, and sometimes obscure bands. The group initially drew together to assault their neighbors with a hugely successful DIY show on a floating dock in the middle of a lake! Bouyed by the reaction that day, the Vicious Mammals were inspired to set out on the road to rock n' roll glory and haven't slowed down since.
The Vicious Mammals are an original band putting a modern spin on a throwback sound. With strong influences in early punk, garage, blues and glam rock, the band combines a straight-ahead, no-nonsense rock n' roll groove with gritty, streetwise lyrics. With songs that touch on topics such as evading the police, getting your heart broken by drug-dealing strippers, and the criminals and punkers of yesteryear, Vicious Mammals' subject matter reads like an encyclopedia of low-life sleaze.
Swimming against the current in an era where bands compete to outdo one another in terms of being the most complex or post-anything, Vicious Mammals have one simple goal: hold high the banner of rock n' roll and storm the gates of the music establishment. They've already fired the opening salvo in this battle and formed a beachhead in their small corner of the world. From there, they plan to use their upcoming debut album (anticipated to be released in summer/fall 2015) as a battering ram to expand their reach -- and their touring war-path -- world wide!  ...more...

(PST) Artist Song length
11:14 Vicious Mammals Black & White Limo 03:10
11:17 3 Kisses Aim High 03:53
11:21 East Side Rhythm Aces Rio Grande 03:48
11:25 Prince Charman Exit Rat Race 05:48
11:31 AirCrash Detectives Glow 05:06
11:36 Clive Barratt I Miss You 03:20
11:39 Dan McCarthy Extended Jam Fence Post Man 06:13
11:45 Dan McCarthy Fly Away - Woke up to a dream 06:19
11:52 Dan McCarthy Lost - Help Me to See 06:44
11:58 NICK DUANE RAIN 04:58
12:03 PanMad Solitude 04:01
12:07 Paul Christopher Lying Low 03:42
12:11 Paul Christopher What's The Use Of Trying 03:01
12:14 Paul Christopher Only Time 03:28
12:17 Paul Christopher Angela's Overture 03:13
12:21 The Pieces of Mind Neighbour Neighbour 03:30
12:24 Riff Reign We Wrote The Songs 03:54
12:28 Silent Stranger Something About a Dream 04:29
12:33 Tom Rhodes Cold and Deep 03:14
12:36 Makar Andrea 02:47
12:39 AirCrash Detectives A Song About A Boy … 04:39
12:43 The Fisherman Love Is Missing 02:01
12:45 Loosehounds Beautiful mind 03:31
12:49 The Boulton Brothers Band Hold On To The Night 03:57
12:53 Peyton Reign Symbols 02:24
12:55 HEADONS Only boy 03:06
12:58 Jon Storm Sanctuary 04:28
1:03 Machines Dream Stop Waiting For Miracles 04:11
1:07 Audiolepsia Lunes 07:18
1:14 Michael Reynolds Escape 03:50
1:18 From The Balcony He's gone 03:12
1:21 Machines Dream Everyone Says Goodbye 04:00
1:25 kristen meredith waves 02:39
1:28 Wintergreen Invisible Hands 02:31
1:30 Andrew Taylor Why Can't We All Get Along? 03:44
1:34 Axle Creek When Good is Bad And Bad Is Good 04:17
1:38 Bad Seasons Land of broken dreams 03:46
1:42 Bisola The Impossible 04:35
1:47 The Daytonas Out of the Dakness 02:56
1:50 Donald and Jack Sad Guitars 04:12
1:54 Falcon Down Milk 05:20
1:59 Frozen Houses Stars on the Boulevard 05:30
2:05 Hopeful Romantics It Wasn't You 03:58
2:09 Icicle Ordinary Life 04:26
2:13 Lucks Lane What Remains Of Us 05:10
2:18 Mike Peralta Will I Be Okay   04:29
2:23 Predestined Hey Hey Victoria 03:33
2:26 The Sorentinos Running Out Of Time 04:40
2:31 Violent Divine Temple Of Love 03:22
2:34 The 3rd Bridge The Sleeping Giant 03:57
2:38 7th Order 100 Year Rain (live) 02:32
2:41 Alexander McKay Stones 04:10
2:45 Angus Powell Monsters   05:14
2:50 Blue Roads Bella Darelina 04:04
2:54 Carl Fryer Always Another Way 04:16
2:59 Casual Armour Transparent 03:00
3:02 The Distroy When You Lie 02:39
3:04 Elias Fuksodi One Sunny Morning 03:21
3:08 Falcon Down Mayday Mayday 03:17
3:11 Hugo Balbi Eternal Twilight 07:04
3:18 Icicle From What I Know 04:31
3:22 Iga Victoria I just love 03:41
3:26 Lost Embers New Day Ahead (Remaster) 04:09
3:30 Mark Glazier I didn t know  03:21
3:34 The Midnight Gig The Wild 03:11
3:37 Mike Peralta Fosner   04:15
3:41 mos bros The Getaway 03:49
3:45 The Parlez Give Up 04:12
3:49 Philippa Jordan Listen In 03:31
3:53 Red Coal Carpet Quitter 03:01
3:56 Rock Lane Blythe slipping away 03:57