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The Ninth Chord è un duo acustico ma, come di consueto, gli addetti ai lavori sono molti di più.
Il progetto nasce quasi per caso, da quattro note suonate una sera, le quali hanno poi trovato una voce e delle parole a cui appoggiarsi. Il risultato finale è il primo album Cell, frutto del lavoro di Giulia Romagnoli (voce), Antonio Leoni (chitarra e composizione), Marco Benatti (arrangiamenti vocali), Francesca Berni e Francesco Turner (autori dei testi). La nostra musica è un crossover di numerosi stili musicali uniti da un concetto cantautorale. Nell’album sono presenti pezzi r&b (“Blue mood”), altri ispirati al cantautorato americano (“Tramp” e “Valerie”) fino ad arrivare alle ballad (“Stay”) e due brani strumentali (“Gentle whisper” e “Just a B flat blues”).

The Ninth Chord is an acoustic duo but, as usual, the actual working brains are more.
This project was born from the purpose to create brand new minimal music, only resorting to an acoustic guitar and a female voice. Our first album “Cell” is the end result of all the work made by Giulia Romagnoli (vocals), Antonio Leoni (guitar and arrangements), Marco Benatti (vocal lines), Francesca Berni and Francesco Turner (lyrics).
Our music is a crossover of many styles, all bounded by our bent for the songwriting concept.
Listening to the album you’ll find r&b songs (“Blue mood”), others inspired by american songwriting (“Tramp”, “Valerie”) and two instrumental pieces (“Gentle whisper” e “Just a B flat blues”).
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(PST) Artist Song length
11:34 The Ninth Chord Be my guide 02:23
11:36 AirCrash Detectives Hit That Thang 02:59
11:39 Blue Drew Been Through Too Damn Much 04:18
11:43 Clive Barratt I Miss You 03:20
11:47 Dan McCarthy Extended Jam Fence Post Man 06:13
11:53 Forge The Rubicon Going Down 03:57
11:57 Forge The Rubicon The Vector 04:07
12:01 Forge The Rubicon Runaway 04:17
12:05 Forge The Rubicon Forever you 04:19
12:09 Jessica s Theme Band Black Cat 04:23
12:14 Mystic Of Melody Manhattan 03:02
12:17 NICK DUANE RAIN 04:58
12:22 PanMad Wolf for Master 05:18
12:27 Paul Christopher Lying Low 03:42
12:31 Dan McCarthy Fly Away - Woke up to a dream 06:19
12:37 The Pieces of Mind Night Time Is The Right Time 04:39
12:42 Prince Charman Rise Today 03:47
12:46 Silent Stranger Something About a Dream 04:29
12:50 Tom Rhodes Calling Out 02:45
12:53 Jon Storm You Brought Your Faith To Me 03:04
12:56 Machines Dream The Session 11:46
1:08 Audiolepsia Anémona 08:05
1:16 Michael Reynolds Friend  03:49
1:20 Paul Christopher What's The Use Of Trying 03:01
1:23 Dan McCarthy Lost - Help Me to See 06:44
1:29 Bad Seasons Finest Hour 02:25
1:32 The Parlez So Tired Of You 03:40
1:35 Falcon Down Second Best  02:34
1:38 Rocker Time Traveller 04:15
1:42 Albert Bevia What is Haunting You 03:55
1:46 Falcon Down Droplet 01:44
1:48 Marc Platt The Old Man 03:12
1:51 Paul Gargiulo Band Back On Track 05:00
1:56 Charlie Leavy Tongue Tied 03:37
2:00 Paul Christopher Only Time 03:28
2:03 The Everglows Two Minute Hero 03:49
2:07 The Midnight Gig The Midnight Gig 03:06
2:10 Sammy Crawford Gotta Get Ready 04:26
2:14 STALE HEY !! - Instrumental 04:25
2:19 Tree Of Wolves Let The Night Take Me 04:12
2:23 the Village Summerisle 01:40
2:25 Winter s Edge Fallen 04:48
2:30 Andy Newton In Due Time 02:35
2:32 Andy Zovko We Miss You 05:10
2:37 Paul Christopher Touch of an Angel 04:16
2:42 The Distroy Echoes From The Past 03:23
2:45 Ian Lawton ray of hope 03:40
2:49 Icicle I Am An Ant 04:10
2:53 The Infinity Process Your Creation 02:47
2:56 Kill For Eden Beige 04:45
3:00 Last Kick Gasoline 03:39
3:04 Lazy Lee Full Circle 03:44
3:08 Lucks Lane The Truth Behind The Lies  04:13
3:12 Mad Andersons Whistling In The Dark  03:43
3:16 The Midnight Gig Skyline 02:21
3:18 shaun tobar running away  03:13
3:21 Sir. O Someone You re Thinking Of 03:31
3:25 Icicle Chasing The Clouds 04:26
3:29 Tealeaf Howling Wind 02:39
3:32 Wild Horse Do It Your Way 03:09
3:35 the AZ Spankers Travel With Light 04:47
3:40 be the moon Scenes From A Parking Lot 05:54
3:46 The Distroy For Reasons Unknown 03:32
3:49 Dream Aria Pandora s Box 03:25
3:53 Erik Smallwood Sweeter 03:52
3:56 Fatbwoi The New Apocalypse 03:43