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 is an independent artist originally from Blackburn, Lancashire, England, now living near Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Recording of his album "WALL OF STORMS" began in 2012; however, a series of misfortunes in the lives of members of Clive's family, the producer's family and the untimely death of the drummer, soon after recording began, resulted in a string of production delays.
WALL of STORMS Clive's new, 12 track debut album, is available on iTunes, CD Baby and most online stores. ​
Most tracks were recorded at MARPOLE RECORDING STUDIO in Langley, British Columbia, by producer Rob Begg, except for some drums which were recorded at The Bathouse Recording Studio in Bath, Ontario by audio engineer Nyles Spencer and at the GBDrums Studio in Kingston, Ontario, produced by drummer Gary Barratt.
Clive wrote the lyrics and music for all songs on the album. Clive sings both lead and background vocals, plays 6 and 12-string acoustic guitars, lead guitar, slide guitar and bass guitar, mandolin, piano, keyboards, harmonica​, and percussion.​ Musicians joining Clive on WALL OF STORMS include Rob Begg​ on lead, rhythm and bass guitars, keyboards and back-up vocals, Bill Patterson on bass guitar & keyboards, Gary Barratt and Ron E. Wells on drums, and the late Rogé​ Belanger on both drums and back-up vocals. Female back-up vocalists include Lisa Adrianne​, Andrea Petersen and Michelle Szulc. Michelle is also the singer of the national anthems at televised NHL hockey games.
The late Rogé​ Belanger plays drums and sings background vocals on "Tonight You're Going Out". Rogé​ spent 15 years touring with Canadian rock icon Randy Bachman, as Bachman's drummer and back-up vocalist. Rogé​'s distinctive harmonies will also be heard on Clive's punchy song "Dance The Night Away".​ Unfortunately, Rogé​​ lost his life to cancer on 27 September 2012. These two songs are his final studio recorded works.
Gary Barratt, a.k.a. Doctor Drums, of Dr. Drums and the Ragtime Kid, is originally from Blackburn, Lancashire, England, now living in Kingston, Ontario. Gary began drum lessons in 1972 with Dick Baldwin who was then the principal drummer with the Canadian Forces Vimy Band. In 1983 Gary spent a year studying percussion with Jim Petercsak - the award winning professor and head of percussion at the Crane School Of Music in Potsdam New York. Gary continues to be an active, performing musician, playing and teaching all styles. Gary has played and recorded with numerous bands in the UK, Europe, and Canada. Gary plays on five of the songs on this album. Four of Gary's drum tracks were recorded at The Bathouse Recording Studio by recording engineer Nyles Spencer. Drums for one song were recorded at the GB Drums Studio in Kingston, Ontario.
Ron E. Wells is a freelance performer and studio musician, playing drums and percussion of all styles, specializing in Rhythm and Blues, Blues, Funk and jazz. Ron's drumming is featured on 6 songs on Clive's Wall of Storms album. Ron lives in Aldergrove, British Columbia.
Bill Patterson is a freelance performance and studio bassist and keyboardist from Vancouver, BC. Several bass guitar tracks are played by Bill, many with a McCartney-esque style.
Lisa Adrianne Witt, with the voice of an angel, sings harmonies on "I Miss You". Lisa who lives in Yarrow, British Columbia, is also a singer-songwriter, vocal coach and a piano instructor.
Andrea Petersen is a Chilliwack, British Columbia based, pop-rock singer and front person with the band Hot Rod Gurl. Andrea sings back-up vocals on the dark and compelling song "Weirdos On The Loose"
Michelle Szulc of Vancouver, B.C, is also one of the frequent singers of National anthems at the start of numerous nationally televised sporting events such as NHL hockey games, Vancouver White Caps soccer games and more. Michelle sings the sultry female vocals on Clive's alternate version of "Dance The Night Away" (track# 11). ​
The album was partially funded by financial contributions of fans and supporters through SELLABAND; a crowd-funding company. specifically focused on promoting artists and their new, original music.
"My objective", Clive says, "was to make an album of lyrically intriguing songs laced with diverse musical influences. I want these songs to be such that fans will still be singing to themselves or humming the melodies long after their stereos, MP3 players or radios have been turned off"

(PST) Artist Song length
11:29 Clive Barratt I Miss You 03:20
11:32 AirCrash Detectives Great Ocean Road 05:28
11:38 Barley Station 10 Nights 03:57
11:42 Blue Drew Been Through Too Damn Much 04:18
11:46 Dan McCarthy Extended Jam Fence Post Man 06:13
11:52 Ethan Keller Goin Down in History 03:19
11:55 Forge The Rubicon The Vector 04:07
12:00 Jessica s Theme Band My Faith in You 04:22
12:04 NICK DUANE RAIN 04:58
12:09 PanMad Devil In Need 04:48
12:14 Paul Christopher Lying Low 03:42
12:17 The Pieces of Mind You Don't Love Me 04:12
12:22 Silent Stranger Something About a Dream 04:29
12:26 Tom Rhodes Nobody's Listening 03:42
12:30 Dan McCarthy Fly Away - Woke up to a dream 06:19
12:36 PORTABLE HIGH Hole In The Ground 04:09
12:40 PORTABLE HIGH Bits And Pieces 03:39
12:44 Bad Seasons Perfect guess 03:46
12:48 The Parlez Signs Of Life 06:03
12:54 Andy Newton Like We Used To Do 04:50
12:58 Paul Christopher What's The Use Of Trying 03:01
1:02 Pint Size Hero No Love In The Fire 02:49
1:04 RxGF Flesh And Bone 04:48
1:09 Wild Horse Give It Up 05:36
1:15 Flemt In My Dreams 04:49
1:20 Dan McCarthy Lost - Help Me to See 06:44
1:26 Paul Maged Diamonds and Demons 03:14
1:30 A Wasted Effort To Feed Lions 04:54
1:34 Gashunters Struck by a flash 03:54
1:38 Rayner4musiC Rhythm Song 01:55
1:40 Shadowperimeter Razor 05:38
1:46 Sonny Hunter Times in Life 03:09
1:49 Paul Christopher Only Time 03:28
1:52 Static In Verona Friendly Fires 03:54
1:56 Action Jets Action Jets (Time for the) 02:54
1:59 The Spase The shooting star 04:53
2:04 Tealeaf I dont care 02:57
2:07 Albert Bevia An Angel in the Sky 03:30
2:11 Apex Closer 04:53
2:15 Black Powder County Rain 04:42
2:20 Derdian Black Rose   04:25
2:25 E.A.S.E. Relinquished Love 03:36
2:28 Grave s End I Hope This Letter Finds You Well 02:09
2:30 Paul Christopher Touch of an Angel 04:16
2:35 HATTIE GREEN Burning Wheels 04:05
2:39 Hippidons Numb 03:55
2:43 JASON CRAWFORD PEARCE Maybe Now 03:29
2:46 Jeremy Gluck and Robert Coyne Evelyn 03:21
2:49 Kill For Eden Kerosene 04:32
2:54 The Leavelles Echo 03:04
2:57 Looney Train Daisy 03:50
3:01 Mad Andersons My Daughter s Eyes 02:53
3:04 Makar I Wanna Know What I Don't Know 04:44
3:09 Man.Goes Human Fading 06:05
3:15 Marc Platt Brand New Day 03:00
3:18 MERRIN Runaway 05:16
3:23 Paul Maged Images 03:58
3:27 Paul Thirkell You Don t Have To 02:34
3:29 Phil Butta Get Right Church 02:02
3:31 The Quinch Experiment Firefly 04:21
3:36 Radio Drive Footsteps 04:15
3:40 Remedy For All Dance 04:15
3:44 Static In Verona Something ... Anything 03:42
3:48 Tealeaf Hot Kiss 03:51
3:52 TWENTY6HUNDRED Electric for All 03:08
3:55 1 Last Chance Beacon 03:49