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The Blue Dolphins
are a Los Angeles-based songwriting duo composed of singer/songwriter Victoria C. Scott and two-time Grammy Award-winning producer/engineer Alfonso G. Rodenas.
Characterized by beautiful melodies, tight harmonies and an uplifting positive mood, their musical style embraces Folk, Pop and Rootsy Rock with a unique timeless quality.
The duo write in a commercial style both natural and unpretentious, attracting a wide range of listeners with its universal themes and laid-back charm. Their music also has a special appeal with modern adult audiences (AAA).
The band’s debut acoustic album, My Favorite Word Is Today (2012), was followed by the EP In Between (2013). Their most recent work Walking in the Sun is due to be released in mid March as and advance of what will be the full lengh album Come On! planned to be release in September. The duo have also released a number of eclectic independent singles.
Victoria grew up outside of London, England, fascinated by her father's collection of Elvis Presley, Fats Domino, Little Richard and Rolling Stones records. After learning to play the recorder, piano and guitar, Scott had also taught herself to sing by the age of 12, emulating the various styles of Carole King, Nina Simone, N'Dea Davenport and Aretha Franklin.
Alfonso Rodenas is a two-time Grammy-award winning sound engineer from Spain. His music career began as a bassist in the indie pop-rock band Vitamin Vil in Valencia, Spain, and has since spanned 25 years, the last 11 of which have seen him work as a freelance producer, recording and mixing engineer in Los Angeles, CA.
IMG 0289Victoria and Alfonso met fatefully at the legendary rock pit "The Cat Club" on the Sunset Strip in Los Angeles and soon started playing and recording together. Their debut album, 2012’s My Favorite Word Is Today, is a soulful blend of Indie, Folk/Rock and Bossa Nova. Simple and unfettered, they kept their focus on acoustic instruments, stripped down production and emotionally honest vocals. Critics hailed the album. Pamela Des Barres, author of "I'm with the Band", said the “album’s sentiments touched my heart" and described Victoria’s voice as “just gorgeous".
2013’s In Between EP grouped songs recorded by the band between its two major works to date. It shows the musical couple departing from its original acoustic sound into an unmapped new music landscape, full of emergent future possibilities.
In 2014 the duo started work on a collection of new songs, 14 of which will see the light in their soon to be released album Come On!. The album is a major push forward for the band toward a more complex and fully produced music scenario, where sonic aesthetics and songwriting are richer and more varied, departing from the pared-down premises and acoustic songs that characterized their first work.
Come On! embraces Folk, Pop and Rootsy Rock with the duo’s characteristic optimism and charm. The album will be released in the US in Fall 2015.
The Blue Dolphins play to major fan bases in the US, UK and Spain, and are preparing an upcoming Come On! world tour for spring/summer 2015.

 (PST) Artist Song length
11:20 Albert Bevia Cantabria 03:22
11:23 Albert Bevia Just Ignore Me 03:00
11:26 Albert Bevia Never Coming Over 03:13
11:29 Albert Bevia Scared of the Dark 03:12
11:33 Albert Bevia Your Writtings on my Wall 02:57
11:36 Axemaster Dream or Nightmare 04:21
11:40 The Surreal McCoys Whole Lotta Folsom 03:57
11:44 AirCrash Detectives Rose Tinted Glasses 05:49
11:50 Barley Station Younger Summer Memories 03:32
11:53 Clive Barratt I Miss You 03:20
11:56 Dan McCarthy Extended Jam Fence Post Man 06:13
12:03 Ethan Keller Goin Down in History 03:19
12:06 Forge The Rubicon The Vector 04:07
12:10 Jessica s Theme Band Hard to Be a Hero 03:44
12:14 MM3 R.O.K. 04:00
12:18 NICK DUANE RAIN 04:58
12:23 PanMad Dislikes 03:22
12:26 Paul Christopher Will The Comet Collide 03:47
12:30 The Pieces of Mind Hoochie Coochie Man 03:10
12:33 Silent Stranger Something About a Dream 04:29
12:38 Dan McCarthy Fly Away - Woke up to a dream 06:19
12:44 Sonny Hunter Times in Life 03:09
12:47 T Dawn It Cuts Like A Knife 04:03
12:51 Andy Newton River Rushing Through My Heart 04:39
12:56 Pint Size Hero Spin The Wheel 03:29
12:59 RxGF The Hit 06:06
1:05 Gashunters My abyss 04:20
1:10 Paul Christopher What's The Use Of Trying 03:01
1:13 Makar In the Know 02:52
1:16 The Pieces of Mind You Don't Love Me 04:12
1:20 TWENTY6HUNDRED Crashing Down 04:19
1:24 Active Heed MULTIPLE REPLIES 06:34
1:31 Dan McCarthy Lost - Help Me to See 06:44
1:37 Colin Ward I’m Amazed 03:16
1:41 Sonny Hunter You Want Attention 03:40
1:44 EVP in  32 05:28
1:50 Rocker Law and Order 03:13
1:53 James Angel CrAsHeD 04:08
1:57 Lost in Olympus Free 03:22
2:01 Shadowperimeter Angel of mercy 05:30
2:06 Jon Storm Something's Come Over You 03:18
2:09 Kirsten Allan Hello Goodbye 04:30
2:14 Paul Christopher Only Time 03:28
2:17 martin krog One Man Army 03:16
2:21 Mirro Shine 03:37
2:24 Sonny Hunter Anxious 02:46
2:27 Murnane Tribe My Stripper Girlfriend 03:00
2:30 Phillip Foxley I Don't Fit In! 03:45
2:34 Ricky León My Addict I confess 03:06
2:37 Set The Fuse On The Wire 03:41
2:40 STALE Keep walking 02:55
2:43 The Strawkites Chasing dogs 05:05
2:48 Aluna A Run A Way 05:10
2:54 Paul Christopher Angela's Overture 03:13
2:57 Antz and Bones Have you ever been 03:45
3:01 Citizen Joe Copperhead Road 04:37
3:09 DestinyB of CYU Dreams of yesterday 03:08
3:12 Dodgem-X My Gun Is Bigger Than Your Gun 02:32
3:15 Douglas Coleman Language Not Required 04:41
3:19 Earth Before The Deluge There s No Bigger Picture 02:35
3:22 Elias Fuksodi Gone Again 04:05
3:26 Elliot Sedgwick Bring To Me 04:02
3:30 Erik s Own No Coffee For Me 03:08
3:33 Eugene Capper Half a Year 12:15
3:45 Jon Storm I Just Want To Make Love To You 02:58
3:48 Middle City Gatsby's Wonder 04:21
3:53 Nature Airliner Temps De Fête 02:54
3:56 The Open Feel Retrofire 04:10