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Guy Leroux is self taught songwriter, from a little northern town in Ontario Canada. Sings mostly private parties. Guy was born in Noranda Quebec, parents are George Leroux married to Marie Ange Benoit. He writes a combination of Country, Country rock, Northern Rock, Gospel, some Blues, and Children's songs.
His early music influences were: Elvis, Dion, Everly Brothers, Johnny Cash, Johnny Horton, Rod Stewart, Rolling Stones, The Beatles, Roy Orbison, Michael Jackson, Neil Diamond, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Neil Young, Cliff Richard, Eagles, Dean Martin, Beach Boys, Tom Jones, Simon & Garfunkel. He was an avid fan of Marty Robbins. He also to this day is a huge fan of Stompin' Tom Connors.
He got to like crooners like Frank Sinatra - New York, New York, Jim Reeves and Perry Como - Catch a Falling Star. Other influences were Jimi Hendrix - Hey Joe , Bryan Adams Summer Of 69’, Led Zeppelin - Stairway To Heaven, Bobby Vinton - Roses are Red.
Later influences were: Stompin' Tom Connors, Toby Keith, Also, Brian Wilson & The Beach Boys, George Strait, Charlie Pride, Garth Brookes, Brookes & Dunn, rock bands AC/DC, Rolling Stones, Nickleback, etc.
Sounds Like:Some people say Elvis, some say Merel Haggard, so probably somewhere in between. He has his own very unique style.
His parents were always listening to music, Bing Crosby, Perry Como, early Elvis, all on 78 rpm records. They liked a lot of opera. They always sang their french songs at parties, songs like Alouette, a favorite amongs people of all nationalities.
He writes, produces, and record songs. His new CD is called: "This One's For You" released around April 2011.
He wrote his first song in 1981, "If You Love Me" is on a cd he produced called "Slice of Life".
He has been writing songs with and without co-writers for many years. He really enjoys writing with co-writers. He never under estimates the quality of material his co-writers provide him. His latest song co-written with his two boys called "All The Way To Hell" is what he calls Northern Rock. He will be writing more songs this year with his two boys, Derek and Neil Leroux. Derek is the lead guitarist, while Neil plays rhythm guitar, piano. Neil also records in his recording studio, which he built. He uses the top of the line recording software, and mics.
One of Guy's true loves is writing Children's Songs. His Children's CD'S are: A Children's Paradise: Podo Christmas: and From This Place to the Moon. He has been producing Children's Videos, and 2012 is no exception. His son, Derek's first song that he co-wrote with his dad was called: Dinosaurs and Cavemen. Derek was 6 years old at the time.
(DK/IT) crafts charming alternative pop inspired by 90s alternative rock, shoegaze and pop. The band has a huge pop heart, and shows this through a convincing repetoire of pop songs in form, melody and sweet and tender boy-girl vocal harmonies. The sound that Dawn Gazers strives for is inspired by the 90s alternative scene with distorted guitar sounds, ethereal noise and driving drum rhythms. Altogether these elements create Dawn Gazers' very own and honest quirky pop universe.

(PST) Artist Song length
11:20 Guy Leroux  All The Way to Hell  04:34
11:25 AFTERLIFE Astral flight - Ft. Tina Fisher-Carlo Lebin 05:09
11:30 Ivar Sigurbergsson A million flavors 03:57
11:34 Barry International Teaser 03:31
11:37 Barley Station 10 Nights 03:57
11:41 Dan McCarthy When The Light Fades 02:41
11:44 Dan McCarthy Extended Jam Fence Post Man 06:13
11:50 Ethan Keller Lost Dog 04:06
11:54 MM3 Standing By The Window 03:36
11:58 Nikki Lorenzo Firebox 03:34
12:02 Paul Christopher Lying Low 03:42
12:05 The Pieces of Mind Judgement Day 04:22
12:10 Runtolife Scarfs 04:06
12:14 Silent Stranger Something About a Dream (A) 05:21
12:19 Sonny Hunter You Want Attention 03:40
12:23 T Dawn It Cuts Like A Knife 04:03
12:27 Disappearer Dreaming in Red 03:38
12:30 World5 A day for lovers 04:22
12:35 Crook It Nail Ready Set Go 03:00
12:38 Vardis Move Along 05:35
12:43 Paul Christopher What's The Use Of Trying 03:01
12:46 Wicked Saints River of Fire 02:53
12:49 The Pieces of Mind You Don't Love Me 04:12
12:53 House of Not Wishing Well 03:49
12:57 WEBLEY Once Upon A Time 02:45
1:00 Bryan Art Murder Dem A Play 3Mix 03:47
1:04 The Boulton Brothers Band Run, Little Dolly 05:23
1:09 The DoPe Brothers When I'm With You 03:17
1:12 The Grimps We re The Grimps 02:33
1:15 Oslo Iversen Lucy 03:13
1:18 Daggerplay High Roads and Holloways 02:53
1:21 Dominic San Juan Smacked!  03:40
1:25 Paul Christopher Only Time 03:28
1:28 Dukes of New York On Our Way To L.A. 02:20
1:31 Elephant Memoirs Hercules 03:00
1:34 The Forty Nineteens Modern Romance  02:37
1:36 Gregory Boyce On My Mind 03:43
1:40 Héllena Dream Big 04:02
1:44 Jamie Bosanko Seasons 04:26
1:48 Jan Henrik Vuyk In Memory Of 04:32
1:53 Jim Amstrong 12 BAR BLUES 03:47
1:57 Joanna Weston I Know 02:36
1:59 THE KIN DRED Fighting Dinosaurs 02:38
2:02 Paul Christopher Touch of an Angel 04:16
2:06 Ricky Gray Good Friend in Carolina 03:13
2:09 Six Times Seven The Last Resort 05:28
2:15 Smashing Lads Easier Said Than Done 05:24
2:20 The Stunt People The Station 03:53
2:24 Sugar Lime Blue Move That Earth 03:29
2:28 Tremerz All the Same 05:06
2:33 Andy Zovko No Foolin' Me 02:16
2:35 Brooklyn Pets Electric Paws 03:48
2:39 Carole Pope Viral 03:17
2:42 ChrisyD Invisible 02:58
2:45 Derek Close Violence Domesticated 03:53
2:49 Dukes of New York Wake Up The Make Up 03:30
2:52 Emily Forst Everywhere Is Home  03:41
2:56 The Four Fours Messing With History 01:59
2:58 Geezers Go! I m Coming, Baby 03:00
3:01 Jeff Brodnax Silver Spoon Denial   04:13
3:05 Klifford Barkus My Love To Keep 02:59
3:08 Machines Dream Toronto Skyline 07:58
3:16 Nick O'Demian Told You Thrice 02:43
3:19 Mike Grosshandler Fish In The Sea 03:07
3:22 The Phantoms Stop 04:28
3:27 Remedy For All WIngs 04:43
3:31 Rick Rowan Desert Sunrise 02:29
3:34 SECTIONED Don't knock me 02:44
3:37 Shane Rollo MOVIN  03:35
3:40 Simon Stirling  Acorn  03:03
3:43 Six Times Seven One of These Days 05:47
3:49 The Spiral Room Cry Like A Baby 04:39
3:54 Steven Graves Rose Colored Dream 05:02
3:59 Ted J. Reed When the Church Bells Ring 02:36