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 Last Featured on this show October 9, 2015

The Thieves as a band came together in 2013 after Neil’s original project, Under Illusion, found themselves without a singer or a bassist. After responding to an add online, Aaron auditioned and joined the band almost immediately. Although initially the band was conceived to only have one guitarist, the diverse sound achieved between Aaron and Neil created something that neither of them initially thought possible and has remained a staple part of the ‘Thieves’ sound from that day.
AaronAfter another six months of gigging and another line-up change, Paul joined the band on drums bringing with him a whole new dynamic in the way the band approached the writing process. With the addition of Josh on Bass at the start of 2015 the band found themselves to be entering new territory again both in terms of writing and the live performances they would stage.
PaulWith numerous live shows under their collective belts, an increasing list of good reviews from those they work with and new songs a plenty the Thieves of Ennui are fast becoming a band that are hard to ignore and those who have seen them live are expecting big things in their future. Below are just some of the kind words shared by fans, promoters and venues over the last year:
Josh“A highly impressive hard Rock four piece from North Down and fast becoming one of the hottest live bands around at the moment, with their catchy original tunes and exceptional live performances they will have you hooked right from the first listen.”
“Fantastic set from these guys as usual. Especially loved the two new tunes they played, bit heavier and Aaron's vocal range was taken to a whole new level of awesomeness. These guys never cease to amaze me with their musical talent, song writing ability and flawless live performances.”
“Thieves of Ennui delivered a fantastic set as usual...”

(PST) Artist Song length
11:50 The Thieves of Ennui Let It Burn 04:17
11:54 andrewpurcellmusic Anywhere but here 03:55
11:58 Barry International Love s A Woman s Game 06:09
12:04 Barley Station Younger Summer Memories 03:32
12:08 Dan McCarthy Dream Time 02:32
12:11 Ethan Keller Lost Dog 04:06
12:15 Forge The Rubicon Going Down 03:57
12:19 Forge The Rubicon The Vector 04:07
12:23 Forge The Rubicon Forever you 04:19
12:27 Forge The Rubicon Hey Girl 04:03
12:31 Forge The Rubicon Runaway 04:17
12:35 MM3 Love's Crush 04:20
12:40 Nikki Lorenzo Firebox 03:34
12:43 Paul Christopher Will The Comet Collide 03:47
12:47 Dan McCarthy Extended Jam Fence Post Man 06:13
12:53 The Pieces of Mind Walking In The Shadow Of Today 04:47
12:58 Runtolife Flicker 04:12
1:02 Silent Stranger Something About a Dream (A) 05:21
1:08 Sonny Hunter Anxious 02:46
1:10 T Dawn Synchronize 04:39
1:15 Disappearer Hunted 04:36
1:20 World5 Living 03:36
1:23 Vardis The World s Insane 06:07
1:29 Paul Christopher What s The Use Of Trying 03:01
1:32 Wicked Saints Shut It Down 04:54
1:37 House of Not Fastlane Fraulein 03:34
1:41 The Pieces of Mind I Wish You Would 02:52
1:44 Bryan Art Dance Haffi Nice 03:01
1:47 Jim Amstrong IM NOT YOUR RUNAWAY TRAIN 03:01
1:50 Daggerplay Brainfuck Euphoria 03:07
1:53 The Forty Nineteens Have a Good Time 02:41
1:55 Jan Henrik Vuyk You Can 03:35
1:59 Oslo Iversen Absolute Half-Life 02:34
2:02 Ricky Gray No Return Ticket 03:42
2:05 The Boulton Brothers Band Boultana 06:54
2:12 Paul Christopher Only Time 03:28
2:16 Mike Grosshandler Status Quo 03:46
2:19 Nikki Lorenzo Work That Charm 02:50
2:22 Oslo Iversen Haven Autocue 02:20
2:25 XmafaX marraquexe 03:01
2:28 Allison s Invention Ran 03:45
2:31 The Apparells Sirens 04:02
2:35 B.Patelsky My Style 03:17
2:39 BadTrain Serial Killer 04:09
2:43 Boy In The Shadows The Flow 04:08
2:47 Brittany Barbera When the Well Runs Dry 04:07
2:51 Paul Christopher Angela's Overture 03:13
2:54 Byron Siren Generations 03:02
2:57 Dan McB Lost and Found 04:11
3:02 Dead Pollys Summer of the Madmen 04:49
3:06 Derek Close Opposite Extremes 05:07
3:11 Emily Forst Here We Go 01:59
3:13 Lucks Lane The Story Of Our Lives 04:38
3:18 Machines Dream London By Night 04:51
3:23 Migration of the Herd Dr. Awkward 04:03
3:27 Nick O'Demian The Hype 03:28
3:30 Nikki Lorenzo Be My Man 03:54
3:34 Pedwell Get That Thing! 03:20
3:38 Phillip Foxley The Place 05:38
3:43 Richard Gilbert I Would Go 05:23
3:49 Salterszo I Just Want To Feel Alive 04:10
3:53 XmafaX skies are falling 03:49
3:57 Brian Duckworth Me And Bobby McGee   04:00