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 Last Featured on this show November 7, 2015

Darryl Johnson 

Darryl Johnson has had a long and storied career with such outfits as Chairmen of the Board and currently is the lead singer for Detroit Memphis Experience. “Nightmare” is the first solo single for Darryl and I’m sure you will resonate with the music and the message.
Nightmare is a song about perceptions....both by the singer and the listener. It talks about how we live our lives behind a mask, with most people never really knowing what is behind the mask. We put on a smile and carry on as if everything is just dandy, while inside we are tormented by REAL LIFE. We show people what we think they want to see, while they never get to see the nightmare our lives can really be. This is particularly true of those in the entertainment business.
People don't want to know that you live a regular life too. They see that YOU do something they wish they could do, and that makes you indestructible in their eyes. Most often, it never occurs to them that you have problems suffer, you hurt, you cry, you have the same worries they do. But when you are on that stage, or they are listening to your record, all of that is nonexistent. Ironically, THAT is the point of entertainment to begin escape from the realities of life's hurts...
You're living the dream......but there's a NIGHTMARE inside!

(PST) Artist Song length
11:16 Darryl Johnson Nightmare 04:26
11:21 FrontAxle Your Love Can Set Me Free 03:38
11:24 Billy J Bryan & The Ax Grinders Heart Break Girl 03:23
11:28 Dan McCarthy The Woods 02:48
11:30 Gail Everett The Glory 04:00
11:34 Gashunters Flat line 04:12
11:39 Jeff Campbell Finger Pictures 04:48
11:43 Jupiter In Velvet The Beauty of U 04:55
11:48 Kate McMurry She 03:37
11:52 Lindstrom and the Limit Drive 03:57
11:56 LOST GENERATION Klaus (Reloaded) 04:44
12:01 Morgan s Road Dang Diggity 04:48
12:05 Paul Christopher Lying Low 03:42
12:09 The Pieces of Mind I Wish You Would 02:52
12:12 Prince Charman Black Sheep 04:06
12:16 Dan McCarthy Extended Jam Fence Post Man 06:13
12:22 Silent Stranger Something About a Dream (A) 05:21
12:28 Sonny Hunter You Want Attention 03:40
12:31 T Dawn Crash Down 05:30
12:37 Tom Rhodes It's Still True 04:35
12:41 Jeremy Porter and The Tucos Trouble In Paradise 03:06
12:45 Bedrokk It Ain't Over Yet 03:03
12:48 Midwest Soul Xchange Truth Attention 05:03
12:53 Rebekah Kirk Ocean Lullaby 05:35
12:58 The Pieces of Mind Walking In The Shadow Of Today 04:47
1:03 Sonic X Pray 03:45
1:07 Dan McCarthy Fly Away - Woke up to a dream 06:19
1:13 Splimit Purple Aura 04:04
1:17 Strung Tight The Road 04:10
1:21 Trauma Chinese trip 03:24
1:25 Absolute Stereo Something Of Me And You 03:33
1:28 Ace Doggett Reflections In A Shattered Mirror 04:54
1:33 ASTORIA So Far Gone 03:38
1:37 Bad Seasons Cage of doubts 04:04
1:41 Carlos Wilde My Way Home 03:16
1:44 Charlie Leavy Running My mouth 03:40
1:48 Darren Parry So Into You 03:47
1:52 The Everglows It's Alright (For You and Me) 03:38
1:55 Indus Rush Crackin' Up 03:27
1:59 The Infinity Process Faces 02:10
2:01 Jason Wells Tear Down These Walls 02:35
2:03 Michael Reynolds Red Light 03:25
2:07 Phil Butta TEXAS 03:18
2:10 Rocker Electronic Rock 02:27
2:13 Colonels of Truth The Ballad  05:20
2:18 Fire of Caron Floating 04:02
2:22 Sister Satellite Caught my eye 04:17
2:26 Splimit Boom Effect 03:12
2:29 STALE Slowly 04:50
2:34 Tempest Rising Know My Name 05:24
2:40 Paul Christopher What s The Use Of Trying 03:01
2:43 Trauma To the other side 06:25
2:49 Andy Newton How You Love Me 03:49
2:53 Ant savage Ruby sun 04:28
2:57 ASTORIA Save The Day 03:45
3:01 Bad Seasons To break away 03:55
3:05 Charlie Leavy Wearing Your Kiss 03:35
3:09 Falcon Down Blink Blink  02:27
3:11 Flemt Always At Your Side 04:14
3:15 Gabriel Brox Leonora-The Jericho Road 04:13
3:20 Paul Christopher Only Time 03:28
3:23 Hardwicke Circus Walda 04:57
3:28 Lewisland Make Me A Believer 03:29
3:31 Lori Nebo The Character of a Good Man 04:06
3:36 Michael Reynolds Your Life  04:11
3:40 Oni O Neill The Smell of Spring 03:51
3:44 Rayner4musiC Solace in Wings 03:10
3:47 Strung Tight Let It Go 02:49
3:50 Andy Zovko Whiskey In My Troubles 06:45
3:56 The Van Burens Save Your Prayers 03:56