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is an experimental music project that was originally started back in October 2013 by U.K musician / songwriter Paul Hegarty who later teamed up with fellow musician / songwriter and producer Ian James Stewart, name sound familiar?. Ian's been the main songwriter & the creative driving force behind the Scottish rock band 'Strangeways'.

Paul "We wanted to create something special, make an addictive record if you like, one you would play and play over again...It had to be purely about the music, getting the vibe right for us was very important from day one. Ian and myself knew right from the start when we sat down and discussed the project early on in 2014 that we had the ingredients to make a great album with some demos I'd made throughout the past year. So we set out on a mission to take some of those a few stages further. It's been an exciting adventure and working with Ian who i've known for many years now has been an amazing experience. We've had great fun making this record and no matter how many times we've listened to the tracks during the writing and recording stages we've never once tired of them which is a great sign. We're very proud of the album and the way it's all just come together so naturally. I think there will be a few raised eyebrows so to speak at what we've achieved sonically with Tales For Sunrise, especially as we've not used any expensive state of the art studios. When we first started the project we had a few idea's of who we'd like to get involved & we've had so many talented people working on it, it's amazing. Truth be known we actually made the album just for ourselves, there was no other motivation or any other reason behind making it whatsoever, sounds selfish, but that's how it was, we had to love it first!. It was only after that stage that we even thought about releasing it, perhaps that's why everything fell into place, we had no pressures or deadlines to work to, there was only ourselves to please, job done!''.

'Tales For Sunrise' has no fixed genre, mojomakerz don't like to be put inside a genre box. Okay, so what sort of music is it then? Well...It's a mixture of electronic, ambient, rock, chilled music, some tracks are instrumental, some have vocals. One things that for certain is that mojomakerz without doubt have their own unique and fresh original sound. There's some great suprises on the album. There are middle eastern and tribal influences throughout the album, stunning vocals as well as Sci-fi influences going on, there's tracks that include the sound of calling to prayer in Arabic, radio communications recorded onboard the bridge of a ship in the Persian Gulf, bits of conversations, mouth drums, animals? yes animals..but we were assured non were harmed during recording!. There's even some Algerian hip hop recorded in the Sahara Desert..It's a stunning East meets West vibe, a magical journey through sound.

The album tells it's own story..

*****Weirdiful You Records (U.K)

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(PST) Artist Song length
11:24 mojomakerz Blue Stars 03:58
11:28 The Harsh Blue You Gotta Have A Belief Remast 02:43
11:31 Savage Playground Infatuation 03:35
11:35 The Boulton Brothers Band It's Not Over For Me 06:34
11:41 Drama Duo after Anglerfish 03:51
11:45 Evan Balzer Jaded Raven 03:06
11:48 Gashunters Mental Pictures 05:47
11:54 Jeff Campbell Finger Pictures 04:48
11:59 LOST GENERATION The Only Way 03:28
12:02 Morgan s Road Sugar on Your Lips 04:08
12:06 Nic Nassuet The Giver 03:29
12:10 PanMad Damaged 03:36
12:13 Paul Christopher What s The Use Of Trying 03:01
12:16 The Pieces of Mind You Don t Love Me 04:12
12:21 The Quinch Experiment Never Look Back 04:09
12:25 Drama Duo after reign and detain 03:58
12:29 Evan Balzer Mothers and Fathers 04:58
12:34 Silent Stranger Something About a Dream (A) 05:21
12:39 Gashunters Nobody 03:33
12:43 Sonny Hunter Times in Life 03:09
12:46 T Dawn In My Dreams 03:43
12:49 LOST GENERATION I Don't Have To Die For You 03:36
12:53 Tom Rhodes Calling Out 02:45
12:56 Icicle Ordinary Life 04:26
1:00 Malfunction Backstabber 03:22
1:04 Dawn Gazers Zombie Apocalypse (bonus track) 03:16
1:07 Paul Christopher Only Time 03:28
1:10 John Ludi Everything 03:29
1:14 The Pieces of Mind Walking In The Shadow Of Today 04:47
1:19 Slam Cartel Handful of  Dreams 04:57
1:28 John Harrison If it should End tommorow 03:37
1:32 Sonny Hunter You Want Attention 03:40
1:36 Max and the Ducks Who The Fuck Is Alice 03:40
1:39 Michelle Qureshi Driving All Night 07:20
1:47 Ruby Delby Independently Blue 02:43
1:49 Atomicana Lost in Her Name 03:42
1:53 Barley Station Double Star 03:29
1:57 Cassette Distaste 02:45
1:59 Paul Christopher Lying Low 03:42
2:03 The Crags Please, sniff the air 02:58
2:06 Daggerplay Saints 03:24
2:09 Deborah Magone Queen Bee 04:48
2:14 Eugene Capper 26 and broken 03:30
2:18 Glen Ross I Scream 04:59
2:23 Groovy Star Coming To Get You 03:38
2:26 Happenstance Rain 04:18
2:31 The Harsh Blue Everything At All 03:14
2:34 The Harsh Blue Give You Love (would be nice) 03:53
2:38 Hell s Belles Storm Break Loose 02:59
2:41 Paul Christopher Angela s Overture 03:13
2:44 John Ludi Puppet 03:36
2:48 Johnson Ramm The Old Blue Boat 02:59
2:51 Leslie Krafka South Texas Fall 04:25
2:55 Dan McCarthy Moon Beams 03:20
2:58 Less Than a Billion People Time to say goodbye 03:18
3:02 Matt Steady Skógr 03:14
3:05 Mauro Filigheddu Kayenna 04:04
3:09 The Method Mr. Incredulous 04:06
3:13 Mike Grosshandler Too Many Reasons 03:45
3:17 The Nigel Purcell Trio For Julia 02:18
3:19 Ola Lofven Karma 05:28
3:24 Phillip Foxley Time (Instrumental) 02:57
3:31 The Strands Never A Dull Moment 03:13
3:35 Dan McCarthy Fly Away - Woke up to a dream 06:19
3:41 Albert Bevia So Far From You 03:44
3:45 Carlos Wilde My Way Home 03:16
3:48 Cassette Catch Your Breath 03:04
3:51 Hell s Belles Dirty Girls  04:10
3:55 John Ludi Knife or Feather 05:02