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Members are John McManus (vocals/ guitar), Gary Graham (guitar/ vocals), Gerard McHugh (vocals/ percussion), Dean Walker (bass/ vocals), Declan McCartan (cello/ vocals) and George Sloan (drums/ vocals) .
Coming from a couple of small rural villages in the Glens of Antrim the self-managed and self-releasing runabay have continued to put out a steady stream of quality recordings since late December 2013. John, Gerard and Gary grew up together and formed their first band Voltage Voltage in their late teens. After receiving local success winning Radio Ulsters "Across The Line" demo competition in 2004, they disbanded for university overseas. Since then each one continued on their path of musical growth until forming runabay along with Declan and George in late 2013 with the last member Dean joining early 2014.
Runabay are at the forefront of fresh, new music in Northern Ireland, a sound which has undeniably been shaped by the beautiful coastline which surrounds the Glens of Antrim and is felt through the swooping melodies and poignant lyrics. The band produce a mature sound that leaves the listener hanging on the intricate guitar riffs, mellow three part harmonies and haunting cello.

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(PST) Artist Song length
9:48 runabay This Day 04:47
9:53 Lunar Twin Sirens 04:00
9:57 MAFF Walking On Fire 04:57
10:02 My Cruel Goro Crapford 02:27
10:04 My Cruel Goro Glue Buzz 05:00
10:09 The Boulton Brothers Band It's Not Over For Me 06:34
10:16 Brian The Hat Duckworth Rock My Way To Heaven 04:25
10:20 Evan Balzer Jaded Raven 03:06
10:23 Febria The Sea Around Us 04:03
10:27 Gashunters I Wonder Why 05:11
10:33 Helen Coleman Stormy Weather 04:16
10:37 Jeff Campbell Finger Pictures 04:48
10:42 Jupiter In Velvet Turning Electric 03:55
10:46 LOST GENERATION The Only Way 03:28
10:49 mojomakerz Blue Stars 03:58
10:53 Morgan s Road Turn Me On 04:25
10:58 PanMad Damaged 03:36
11:01 The Pieces of Mind Hoochie Coochie Man 03:10
11:04 Evan Balzer Mothers and Fathers 04:58
11:09 Riff Reign Last Night 04:16
11:14 Sonny Hunter Times in Life 03:09
11:17 T Dawn Upside Down Helter Skelter 05:22
11:22 Tom Rhodes It's Still True 04:35
11:27 Trauma To the other side 06:25
11:33 LOST GENERATION I Don't Have To Die For You 03:36
11:37 Virginia Dupew  IDK 04:27
11:41 Michelle Qureshi Fireflies at Dusk 04:46
11:46 MURAT SES Great Weekend 2 03:12
11:49 Paul Christopher Angela s Overture 03:13
11:52 Aged Teen Night 05:28
11:58 The 3rd Bridge Megachild 04:08
12:02 Sonny Hunter You Want Attention 03:40
12:06 Albert Bevia Somewhere Inbetween 03:09
12:09 Bang Bang Rouge Hermetica 03:57
12:13 Falcon Down Mannequin  04:11
12:17 Fotzepolitic The Saltire 04:08
12:21 Midnight Mosaic Outside The Lines 03:49
12:25 Sonder Happiness 03:51
12:29 Paul Christopher What s The Use Of Trying 03:01
12:32 The 3rd Bridge Observations 04:17
12:36 Andrew Taylor Why Can't We All Get Along? 03:44
12:40 Burning Astronomers Sail On 02:49
12:42 The Daytonas Out of the Dakness 02:56
12:45 East Side Rhythm Aces Rio Grande 03:48
12:49 Elias Fuksodi One Sunny Morning 03:21
12:53 Falcon Down Milk 05:20
12:58 Frozen Houses Stars on the Boulevard 05:30
1:03 Paul Christopher Lying Low 03:42
1:07 Jeremy Porter and The Tucos Bottled Regrets 04:01
1:11 Joe Craig Heading Out 03:20
1:14 Dan McCarthy Fly Away - Woke up to a dream 06:19
1:21 Johnson Ramm If I Make It Across To Liverpool 03:20
1:24 Josh Stone Finally   05:54
1:30 Michael Reynolds Heavens Gone 03:31
1:33 Michael Tiffany Wind At My Back 03:58
1:37 Silent Stranger Something About a Dream (A) 05:21
1:43 Modern King Mata Hari 03:40
1:46 Nancy Ruth Sigo Viviendo 03:38
1:50 Rauchenstein Should've Known Better 03:45
1:57 REVEL 9 Quietmind 03:05