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Shadow of Comfort
This southern California girl has grabbed the music industry by storm! She just recently won two awards for the XMA 2014 Music awards held in Chicago for her song “Controlled By Vanity” which won Best Alternative Song and for “Battled Soldier” winning best Indies Song.

2013 was a very accomplished year her as well. She took home the “Best Female Alternative Artist for 2013” award from Indie Music Channel Awards and was nominated as “Best Songwriter”.

Her music is no stranger to the Indie music scene. T Dawn’s music is being aired all over the world on both FM radio and Internet radio.

Why is she loved so much by her fans? It’s pretty simple, her music is unique, her vocals are powerful and she produces music that fits into many genres. Not to mention her songwriting can be a bit poetic and at times can be in your face as she hits you in the face with her with ethereal rock ballades and edgy drum beats.


Growing up T-Dawn has always had her hands deep into music. Her parents would feed her ambitions with guitars, drums, horns, and anything that she requested. It was not until several years later, had she found herself alone in a church sanctuary, feeling the urge to play the grand piano she had been eyeing on stage.

As soon as her fingers touched the keys she was astonished by the hidden talent that she had discovered. She had finally found the instrument that spoke to her, that could make her feel the music through her soul. As many years passed on her passion grew into many instrumental songs. Then a devastating passing of her father happened a few years ago and she found herself branching out into a new found world of music for her, creating her first vocal appearance in her original song “Mental Breakdown”. From then on she has become motivated by many fans,”Starlights”, and appearances at venues such as Caesar’s palace in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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(PST) Artist Song length
9:39 T Dawn Have Yourself A Merry Christmas 04:14
9:43 T Dawn Silent Night 06:01
9:49 Dan McCarthy My Wish For Peace 03:55
9:53 jay alan smith Colorado Christmas 03:35
9:57 Sheshanah Drifter 05:32
10:02 The Boulton Brothers Band Hornets Nest Blues 03:52
10:06 Casimir Greenfield Boy in the Attic 05:27
10:12 Evan Balzer Jaded Raven 03:06
10:15 Evan Balzer Mothers and Fathers 04:58
10:20 Febria A Great Place to Surf (original) 05:22
10:25 Gashunters Turn Around 03:33
10:29 Jeff Campbell History 04:18
10:33 Jupiter In Velvet Turning Electric 03:55
10:37 LOST GENERATION The Only Way 03:28
10:40 LOST GENERATION I Don't Have To Die For You 03:36
10:44 mojomakerz Blue Stars 03:58
10:48 Morgan s Road Turn Its Back On You 05:24
10:53 NICK DUANE RAIN 04:58
10:58 The Ninth Chord Be my guide 02:23
11:01 PanMad Tokamak 02:02
11:03 Paul Gargiulo Band Back On Track 05:00
11:08 The Pieces of Mind Walking In The Shadow Of Today 04:47
11:12 Riff Reign Got My Eyes On You 03:27
11:16 roger bockus lonely man 04:53
11:21 Silent Stranger Something About a Dream (A) 05:21
11:26 Sonny Hunter Times in Life 03:09
11:29 Sonny Hunter You Want Attention 03:40
11:33 Tom Rhodes California 03:08
11:36 T Dawn In My Dreams 03:43
11:40 Trauma The price to pay 03:46
11:43 Virginia Dupew  Too many I's - Guitar: Jack Loague 03:56
11:47 Michelle Qureshi Crossing the Water 03:06
11:51 Aged Teen Nightmares 02:41
11:53 The Weird and The Wonderful Super Virtual 03:51
11:57 Icicle Tattoo aCross Your Heart 03:49
12:01 Albert Bevia From Istanbul to Tokyo 03:17
12:04 Peppina My Only Heart 03:38
12:08 Room1Fourteen Just A Stranger  03:38
12:11 Sanctioned to Life So Wrong 05:04
12:16 Soul Phlegm Jonie The Gypsy 05:01
12:21 Blind Revision Tough Love 05:27
12:27 Dan McCarthy Tear Drops Fall 06:35
12:34 The Daytonas Jim 03:02
12:37 Duroc Early Morning 03:30
12:40 The Everglows Two Minute Hero 03:49
12:44 Falcon Down Droplet 01:44
12:46 Hardwicke Circus Walda 04:57
12:51 Paul Christopher Touch of an Angel 04:16
12:55 Helen Coleman Lover Man 03:48
12:59 The Infinity Process Your Creation 02:47
1:01 Jeremy Porter and The Tucos Hey Kentucky 02:21
1:04 Michael Reynolds Friend  03:49
1:08 Dan McCarthy Lost - Help Me to See 06:44
1:14 Brian The Hat Duckworth Rock My Way To Heaven 04:25
1:19 SCAR Yesterday is Over 04:55
1:24 Sugar Bear Trio Nite System 03:48
1:27 Paul Christopher What s The Use Of Trying 03:01
1:30 TanyaMae Dance Calia 04:18
1:35 Wild Horse Do It Your Way 03:09
1:38 Bedrokk Breakout 03:39
1:42 Dylan Muetterties Shatter 02:20
1:44 Falcon Down Second Best  02:34
1:46 FrontAxle Never Be A Me Without You 03:19
1:50 Paul Christopher Relax And Take It Slow 03:55
1:54 The Infinity Process Our Life, Your Dream 02:01
1:56 Jeremy Porter and The Tucos Long Story 04:40