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 Last Featured on this show December 22, 2015

I am a Singer/ Songwriter just trying to write the best songs I can and share them with anyone who would like to listen to them, as well as my Solo Journey I am also one half of Bering Strait , so here I am with too many songs lying around and falling out of me on a regular basis I will head out to hit any acoustic nights I can and any venues that will let me abuse peoples ears with my songs. armed with my acoustic, passion, hand on heart and any other crap found dotted about I hope to entertain you and maybe make you feel some emotion from my songs, Cheers Spike.



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(PST) Artist Song
9:30 Spike Treading Water
9:35 Ummagma Lama
9:40 Barley Station Younger Summer Memories
9:44 Bold Kelly Misspelled Formula
9:49 The Boulton Brothers Band It's Not Over For Me
9:56 Casimir Greenfield Splinters and Sparks (instr)
9:58 Febria The End Of Something
10:03 Gashunters Old and wise
10:08 Jeff Campbell Finger Pictures
10:12 Jupiter In Velvet Turning Electric
10:16 Kuhl Space Cake
10:19 LOST GENERATION I Don't Have To Die For You
10:23 Morgan s Road Stay
10:27 The Nigel Purcell Trio Gone Away
10:31 PanMad Devil In Need
10:36 The Pieces of Mind I Wish You Would
10:38 Russell Foisy Space Arrest
10:43 T Dawn In My Dreams
10:47 Tom Rhodes Moses
10:51 Icicle Calma Calma
10:55 The Midnight Gig Masquerade
10:58 7th Order Road to Yerevan
11:06 Folkwood The Warrior
11:10 Flemt You ll Always Be There
11:15 Citizen Joe Dreamer Boy
11:19 Paul Maged Human Warfare
11:23 Sasser Tomorrow Never Knew
11:26 Clive Barratt I Miss You
11:30 dead flowers run sister run
11:33 Elephants and Castles L I L O
11:36 Falcon Down Mayday Mayday, Eject, Eject, Eject
11:39 Flemt Dreamgirl
11:43 Frozen Houses Back On The Train
11:48 The Garage Batz Holy Spirit
11:52 Hugo Balbi Flight Of The Bumblebee
11:54 Kris D Marsden Dull Refined
11:57 Michael S. Hennessey Closet full of Bones
12:04 The Nics Blood on A River
12:07 Oslo Iversen Never be enough
12:10 Phil Butta I Know You. Rider.
12:15 Public Underground Little White Lies
12:19 Razors & Red Flags Deal Breaker
12:23 Remedy For All Dance
12:27 Under The Tongue Troubled Mind
12:31 Albert Bevia Never Coming Over
12:34 Anastacia Mortimer Goodbye
12:40 Atomicana Lost in Her Name
12:44 Barley Station Medusa
12:48 Bedrokk We are an army
12:52 Dan McCarthy Lost - Help Me to See
12:59 Carlos Wilde My Way Home
1:02 Paul Christopher Relax And Take It Slow
1:06 The Disfavoured Party One Of Many
1:11 Paul Christopher Angela s Overture
1:14 Elliot Sedgwick American Dream
1:18 Brian The Hat Duckworth Rock My Way To Heaven
1:23 Dan McCarthy Dream Time
1:26 From The Balcony Down by the river
1:29 The Garage Batz La La Land
1:34 roger bockus lonely man
1:39 Paul Christopher Only Time
1:42 Madame So Black is Beautiful
1:46 Citizen Joe Me
1:50 Silent Stranger Something About a Dream (A)
1:56 Kostas Mitsas Angels Singing