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Steven Garcia
Straight out of the 80’s and into the new millennium, Steven Garcia’s music can be described as 80’s rock star on steroi ds with a modern twist. In his 2015 single, “Your Possession ”, Steven generates an unique sound that fuses different roc k genres. With both acoustic and electric guitar sounds Stev en manages to not only cross genre lines but some how ble nd them together to create a sound of his own while still hav ing his radio friendly vocals shine through.
A Texas boy who grew up in Corpus Christi, Steven started playing guitar at the age of 14. “Playing guitar was just some thing I always loved to do. I became obsessed with it.” Unabl e to release his grip from the guitar, Steven moved to Houst on in 1994. ”I didn't want to leave Corpus but there was just so much opportunity in Houston”, said Steven. “I was able to play music full-time for a living.” Steven has been touring an d making music ever since.
Soon after moving to Houston, Steven formed his band, The Rachels. As the main song writer in the group, The Rachels musical style relied heavily on Steven’s personal influence o f a loud guitar sound. Although, some of his music is surprisi ngly eclectic. “I love all types of music”, said Steven. “Any mu sic from any generation that catches my ear, I will listen to”. This open-mindedness enables him to create not just 80’s i nspired rock but music in very different genres such as regg ae, ska, country and pop. His diversity enables him to work with different producers and song writers, including Paula D eanda producer Mike Aguirre and writing two years for Clay Walker’s publishing company.
During his time with The Rachels, they were signed with SixTone Records and released four original CDs: Buy American (1999), World of Dreams (2001), St Elmo Sessions (2003), a nd No Love Here (2006). Steven and The Rachels grew acc ustomed to playing four to five nights a week. They headline d many events such as the Houston Marathon (1999), the H ouston Grand Prix (01), KLOL Holiday Ball, and the Astros o pening day party (2000, 2004). They developed a loyal Hou ston following with a reputation as a party band that could c over any song request. “Most nights we wouldn't even have a set list. We would just ask the crowd what they wanted to hear and play whatever they yelled out.” This branded them as a virtual jukebox in high demand with Houston bar owner s and booking agents. It led to the opportunity to tour Japan in 2003, 2004, and 2005 with Lone Wolf Entertainment. “Playi ng over seas, I got to perform for the armed forces which wa s a great honor. But it also helped me realize that anywhere people want to hear me play I’d be more than willing to go.” Their popularity also granted them air play on Houston’s KT BZ 94.5 and KLOL 101.1 radio stations, Each year major clie nts such as Clear Chanel Communications, Budweiser, and Rice University would request The Rachels to play at their e vents. In 2008, “I Can’t Complain”, from their World of Dream s CD, was placed in the soundtrack and motion picture Nobl e Things.
In 2012, Steven recorded with Love Sick Dog Publishing as a solo artist. “Sometimes you just need a change.” The colla boration produced the songs “Will You or Won’t You” and “Q uasimodo”. With the January 2012 iTunes release of “Will Yo u or Won’t You”, Steven was quickly given the Song of the W eek (February 19 - 25) from the London indie rock magazine Jamsphere. Soon after, he was heard all over the world thro ugh internet radio air play. He was awarded airplay on Hosst heboss.com, CrunchRadio.com, Tunecast.net, TalentCast (T he Netherlands) Hotshotbands.com (Canada) E-buffett Mag azine, Best European podcast nominee Cyphreinc, EGH Ra dio (UK), HD1Radio (UK), Rocker’s Dive Radio, Lonely Oak Radio, Island Studio Solutions (BC) and TRS 24/7 Radio.
In 2013 and 2014, h e was selected to compete in the Hard Rock Café Hard Roc k Rising Global Battle of the Bands.
In the Summer of 2014, Steven was chosen to pen the title tr ack for the motion picture Bright Ideas. Director Ronn Head said,”I was familiar with his past work so I knew he was cap able of creating a song we could use for the film. I just didn't know it was going to be that great and be just perfect for the film.” The “Bright Idea” single and movie will be released on 2015. Any way you look at it, the future looks bright for Steve n Garcia and the Bright Ideas movie.
Currently, Steven is performing in Houston acoustically or wit h a full band four to five nights a week. “I’m happy doing wh at I want for a living, which is playing my music for people. I wouldn't have it any other way.”


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