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Last Featured on this show January 7, 2016

Midwest Soul Xchange
Imagine a duo that combines its Americana, folk/prog rock and pop influences with a passion for the sounds of acts that range from Kula Shaker, Pink Floyd and Tenacious D to The Beatles, The Decemberists, Queen and Michael Jackson. Eclectic, perhaps? That’s the robust template established by Midwest Soul Xchange, comprising Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin-based troubadours Nate Cherrier and Ryan Summers. The pair has been buds for nearly two decades, but only recently recognized their sonic synchronicity as songwriters, vocalists and instrumentalists. By year-end 2015, their 11-track debut full-length album “New American Century,” is destined to hit the streets. Each brings their unique talents to the XChange, with Nate contributing percussion and rhythm tracks as the “enchanting wizard of rhythm” and Ryan serving as the “professor,” adding synthesizers, lead guitar and working as producer and engineer for the upcoming album. They prefer to deem themselves… the “maestro” and the “master.” Meanwhile, the duo dealt with the challenge of collaborating from afar… sort of. Even though they both grew up in Wisconsin, Nate was living in Phoenix during the recording process, meaning that every note and beat was literally an “exchange” of ideas. Now that the work is done, “New American Century” sashays comfortably between the pair’s numerous beloved musical genres—while maintaining the identifiable signature and melodic moxie that has already become the act’s calling card in live gigs.
About the Album: "Overall, this is a rare jewel of an album that achieves the artistic holy grail of finding the midpoint between the personal and the universal. On the one hand, it’s a cultural snapshot of America in the early 21st century, but it also deals with the timeless themes of the human condition: money, power, war, love and death. With New American Century, Midwest Soul Xchange have alchemized their many influences and forged the sound of New Americana." -Alex Faulkner - The Faulkner Review


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(PST) Song
9:00 Set a Course for Common Worlds
9:03 Roots
9:08 Truth Attention
9:13 Revolt of the Guards
9:18 Occupy the Piper
9:21 Kings Among Kings
9:26 Sun Dried
9:30 She Flies
9:34 The Return
9:35 Has Anybody Seen Bob
9:40 Four Score and Seven to Go