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Last Featured on this show January 8, 2016

Riff Reign

Riff Reign is a Worksop UK recording band, established in 2014 to develop and record songs written by Dave Wright.
Original members were James Bennett (keyboards & hand percussion), Pete Courcey (drums & vocals), Richard Nettleship (guitars & vocals) and Dave Wright (acoustic guitar and bass guitar).   Following Pete’s and Richard’s departure, Dave and James were joined by Richard Hall (drums & backing vocals), Linda Lawrence (vocals), Chris Pearson (guitars & vocals),  Russ Parsons (vocals) and Steve Roe (vocals).
Musical styles include Americana, blues, country, funk, jazz, pop, rock and retro rock ‘n’ roll, plus the band’s own indie style.  Much of the music has a USA influence - in 1963 Dave’s eventual wife, Gwen, joined the Beatles Fan Club and got herself a New York pen friend, Danielle.  Their friendship, which continues to this day, has led to extensive travels through the USA and Canada.
The band has released four albums plus a Christmas single.  All are available as CD or digital download at riffreign.bandcamp.com.  A blues EP will be out in early 2018 followed by the band’s fifth and sixth albums before 2018 is out.
Band members have recently joined Dave in song writing.  Chris wrote the lyrics to Soulless Man, which will be on the band’s forthcoming blues EP, Catfish Stew.  Linda penned the lyrics to Beautiful Bird, which will be on the next album, First Leaves Fallin’.
Chris, James and Richard have to a great extent a free role in developing guitar, keyboards and drums.  Dave currently spends a lot of time working with Linda on her ideas for variation of melody and lyrics where improvement can be brought about.
The band has been joined by other musicians on some recordings.  Keith Martin played mandolin and melodeon on Down To The Town;  Harmonica Dave Hunt played on Catfish Stew, Lazy Summer Sunday and Night Train; Colin Wilson played 12-string acoustic guitar on John Wells and Outlaw.  Future collaborations are planned.

 About the Album: album comprises all the songs written by David during the period December 2013 to September 2014. There's no particular direction; the collection being quite varied, ranging through a number of genres, including country, pop and rock. Some of the songs have an American influence: back in 1963 David's eventual wife, Gwen, began a pen-friend relationship with an American girl, Danielle, through their membership of the Beatles Fan Club. Their continuing friendship has led to several visits to the USA. Our song, 'Down To The Town' is based on a Saturday night visit to Cody, Wyoming in 1974. Another song, 'Touchdown London' is influenced by places we've visited in the USA over the years. We love the USA, but 'there's no place like home'. The feel for 'Got My Eyes on You' came from long days travelling the highways of the USA. There will be more American influence on our second album, 'Sittn' Here Thinking' which we're currently working on.


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(PST) Song
9:00 My Heart Shed A Tear
9:03 She's Nice
9:07 Touchdown London
9:10 Down To The Town
9:13 Guess I'm Getting Closer
9:16 Last Night
9:20 So Many Years
9:24 Let's Make Up Tonight
9:27 Got My Eyes On You
9:31 It's Not The Same
9:35 We Wrote The Songs