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Last Featured on this show January 14, 2016

Julie Lamb
Chances are if you’re involved in the Wellington music scene you’ve met Julie Lamb.
During her 15 year music career the award winning, charting musician has written, performed and recorded original music; formed and promoted bands and choirs; and organised and directed multi-band music events. She’s even the Treasurer of the Capital Blues Club, Aro Creative and the Wellington Jazz Orchestra. In her down time you’ll find her in the crowd supporting other musicians “Writing, arranging and performing music are some of the most incredible buzzes in my world. I want to be doing this stuff when I'm 90...”
Julie has written and recorded three acclaimed albums – Most and Least (2008); Trippin’ the Light (2012); and When we Hang Out (2014) which debuted at number 10 on the New Zealand Music Charts. Gliding between rock, funk, blues and back again Julie puts lyrical twists to earworm melodies that stay true to her FullAlbum 70s style vibe. Her arrangements are painstakingly crafted; her songs clever, intelligent, impassioned and punctuated with humour and light.
In 2011, in preparation for Trippin’ the Light Julie brought together a group of gifted musicians who have gelled into the standout 11-piece Julie Lamb Band. The core of the band - Julie, drummer Andrew Richardson, bassist Callum Hazlitt-Black and guitarist Dave Hadley have co-written many of the songs on When we Hang Out and continue to collaborate on new work. They are joined by Andreas Lepper on percussion, Damian Forlong on trombone, recent addition John Gualter on saxophones, with Geraint Scott swapping to keyboard (from sax). Deb Rock-Evans, Emma Davey and Miranda Turner deliver backing vocals - each adding their own touches to the songs as they evolve.
Julie certainly keeps her band and the audience on their toes. When We Hang Out had barely been launched in 2014 when a new song was already skipping off her pen and onto the stage. This has now been released as a single, Why Do I Forget. A poignant song about depression, and two further works are in the making. “It's like a little spark sets up and won't go out... little bits in my journals that turn into full blown songs... often in response to a rhythm that sets up just outside of consciousness... and sits until the song writes all over my pages.”
Julie’s songwriting talent has been recognised nationally and internationally with songs selected for global compilations: Jack and Jill No. 20 and Acid Tapes in Australia, 1st Renaissance in the UK and Indie Music Bus Favourites in the USA. She has three times been named TalentCast Artist of the week in the Netherlands, been the featured artist on Rocker's Dive Radio NY, Indie Music Bus (For which she is now on the judging panel) and Reverbnation. Julie has
received an award in the Pacific Songwriting Competition for Skinny as a Pin Man from her first album Most and Least; and received silver medals from the Beat100 A&R team for her Waterproof music video from Trippin’ the Light. In 2015 Julie has topped the New Zealand National Reverbnation Charts and been featured on National Radio’s Matinee Idol. “There is nothing more astounding than actually getting to play with great musicians to a fabulous audience.”
Is an 11-piece band overkill? Not when you’re faced with a rhythm section that moves you from dance to heartbreak; unforgettable, tenacious guitar riffs; horns, keys and percussion that surge through you colouring the final form and providing inspired instrumental solos while the backing singers deliver a groundswell of harmonies behind Julie’s commanding, heart-felt vocals. The Julie Lamb Band, sometimes likened to a 747, is one of a kind in the Wellington music scene. Buy the albums, yes, but for God’s sake see them live!
Never too cumbersome, they can play anything - a full stage, a pub floor, an intimate room, the back of a truck, even a small tent. Referred to as a "Wellington Festival favourite," and most recently seen at the 2015 Island Bay and Kilbirnie Festivals, and the Southern Cross Garden Bar and Restaurant, the Julie Lamb Band has also pounded the stages of San Fran, the James Cabaret, Bodega and Fringe Bar. Further afield it has played King Street in Masterton and in 2014 performed 3 concerts and 3 workshops for the Spellbound Harbour Concert Series in Gisborne. The band concentrated on local gigs and short hops away in 2015 and has a new album planned for 2016!

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(PST) Song
9:00 Clouds Cried Red
9:04 Attitude Decayed
9:09 I'm Telling You No
9:13 Drive Me
9:17 Inhaling
9:21 When We Hang Out
9:24 I Wanna Go To The Sun
9:29 I'll Never Do It Again
9:32 Ever Doubt
9:36 A Little Shut Eye
9:40 Life